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Kuel Chiefs Maria Olsen

Turning My Pain Into A Force For Good

Maria Olsen and I met at FierceConLA 2019 where we both were speakers on the same panel. Her story captured me immediately and thankfully I [...]

Share your story - the women the wsj missed

Rip Off The Age Label – Karen, 49

I discovered Karen Taylor on Janelle Anderson’s  Facebook Live ‘Featuring Fearless Women’ and immediately resonated with their conversation. Originally, Karen left her safe corporate job [...]

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Ladies, we ALL have a story. We all can learn from one another. It is important to share our WISDOM.

Every Sunday, I publish one of YOUR stories. It’s an opportunity for connection; for growth; and to be seen.

Let me tell your story. We never know who needs to hear our VOICE!

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