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5 steps in turning point

Joanne Socha Work

5 Steps In My Turning Point:  How I Twirled My Way Into A New Career

Midlife Musing Kuel Life Contributor: Joanne Socha What if you could pivot into a new gig post-pandemic? Wouldn’t it be nice to throw out the [...]

Liza Baker

How To Make Sense Of All The Ambiguity

BurnOut Kuel Category Expert: Liza Baker It’s beyond my control…or is it? Irrespective of our political leanings, many (most? all?) of us seem to be [...]

how to make sense of ambiguity
Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Ladies, we ALL have a story. We all can learn from one another. It is important to share our WISDOM.

Every Sunday, I publish one of YOUR stories. It’s an opportunity for connection; for growth; and to be seen.

Let me tell your story. We never know who needs to hear our VOICE!

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