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10 Tips to Tame Holiday Eating Temptation

“Temptation! This time of year it’s everywhere from your company’s holiday party and the neighborhood cookie swap to eggnog and Christmas dinner. If you want to avoid packing on the pounds over the holidays you need an action plan. Follow these 10 steps and by New Year’s you’ll be a little lighter, happier and on the way to achieving your healthy weight goals in 2017.”

Dr. Ellen Albertson, shares 10 ways to minimize the negative impact the Holiday Season may have on our waistlines. Don’t put yourself on a diet! It’ll stress you out, raise your cortisol, and cause you to binge eat. Instead, she suggests, to eat throughout the day, take more time during the meal (so your head and your stomach can sync up), and pre-decide what you want to eat to avoid mindless eating. Most importantly, if you over indulge, forgive and forget. Move on. You’ll do better next time.
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