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15 Small Ways To ‘Do Good’ In This World

Claudia Hufham September 2020

Lifestyle Blogger: Claudia Hufham

Does anyone else feel like the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket or is it just me? 

I have been saddened, dejected, troubled, and disheartened over how mean and self absorbed people are these days. Maybe it’s the internet that has left them brave to say whatever they want to to a perfect stranger, without knowing anything about them or their story. Maybe people have taken their queue from the leadership of this country.

My Heart Aches:

This worries me and hurts my heart. Mostly, because I can’t fix it! I don’t know what to do. How can I change people who have no regard for anyone but themselves? When did it become ok to call someone you don’t even know, or someone you do know, names? Or, sometimes even threatening?

I’ve searched for answers, not who’s right and who’s wrong kind of answers, but what can I do kind of answers. I’ve read books, all offering suggestions of using mantras, meditation, prayers, looking for the good and not focusing on the bad and not one of them said yell at a restaurant worker because she wants you to wear a mask. Threaten someone because they are voting for a different candidate, or spit on a police officer.

Missing The Golden Rule:

It makes me wonder what kind of people raised their offspring to act this way under any circumstances. Did these people ever learn how to treat others and just forgot or did they never get taught the basics of human decency?

I’ve been walking almost everyday lately because of the quarantine 15…more like 20 pounds that have left my jeans screaming for mercy. Ok, let’s be real, I am not wearing jeans much anymore. It’s mostly leggings or yoga pants, but my scale is screaming!

the safety of my neighborhood

My daughter Kaylan and I meet in the afternoon at a park that is near my house. Not only is it great to have a walking partner, it makes me happy to be able to discuss anything and everything with her. And the park is absolutely beautiful. All the time. Makes me sad about my own yard a little bit because it will never look as beautiful as the park does.

We discuss the state of the world, share things we’ve seen, read about, or heard. We don’t fix the world, but I leave everyday knowing that somehow, some way, I raised her to be a great human being. She is smart and knows right from wrong. Both of my kids do. Thank goodness for that.

The Safety Of My Neighborhood:

When Kaylan and I can’t walk together, I walk around my neighborhood. A neighborhood that I have walked and rode my bike around as a child. People speak to each other as they pass, people in cars wave. It’s almost like I was back in the 60’s and 70’s. Before people got so mean. It gives me some hope that maybe not all is lost.

Maybe people were mean back then we just weren’t witness to it. As much as I love the internet, it may be the source of all evil and we are certainly bombarded with it, not only on the internet, but on the news as well.

When I think about the state of our world, it’s overwhelming. How can any one person fix this? Fix any of this.Yet, there are so many out there that try.

‘The Healer’:

the healer

I watched a movie this weekend called “The Healer”. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was entertaining. At the end of the movie, before the credits, there was a message. “There are healers in this world. They live among us. Like Paul Newman, who created a camp for critically ill children so that they can forget the disease they have and just be kids.”

Paul Newman did what he could to change the world. There are many just like him. Many that do what they can. Which led me to, what can I do? 

what I really said was that God created people who could live without toilet paper and those of us that can’t”

Everyone Has A Part:

One time, the band that I was a part of was asked to sing at our church for a fundraiser that they were having. A group of people from the congregation were going on a mission trip and they were having dinner and “entertainment” to raise money for the things they would need.

As we started our first set, I told the group how much I appreciated the fact that God had been so smart to create people differently. He created those that would gladly go to another country, that had limited resources and help them by fixing their houses; or, whatever they could do. God also created people like me that would gladly sing to raise money for those that would go. I think what I really said was that God created people who could live without toilet paper and those of us that can’t.  I did my part to help and it felt great. Even though I wasn’t one of those people who was called to go. I could do what I could to support them.

Spreading Kindness Through Tik Tok:

Kaylan told me about a girl on Tik Tok, Lexy Kady who has asked her millions (1.1 million to be exact) of followers to send her money. She in turn goes to restaurants around Nashville and leaves huge tips for the unsuspecting servers, essential workers, and the homeless.

Her followers send her whatever they can. Fifty cents, a dollar, whatever it is and it adds up so quickly that she often has thousands of dollars to give away. She records the transaction and posts it on TikTok. She tells the server that her followers on TikTok want to give them a tip. More times than not, they are so grateful they cry. I could watch those videos all day.

15 Ways To ‘Do Good’:

So what do you do when you feel like all hope is lost for the world? I’ve realized that it’s not only the big things that can change the world, that it’s ok to do small things and if we all do them it can make a difference. I’ve come up with a list of things I can do.

  1. Leave the biggest tip I can. It might not be $1000’s but if enough of us leave the server a good tip, it’s bound to help.
  2. VOTE – I am just going to leave this right here.
  3. Create an online fundraiser for a charity that you care about. They are easy to do on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  4. Drive with love and patience. It’s not a race. If someone cuts me off I am going to wave and smile and hope they get to where they are going. (This might be a hard one!)
  5. Smile at those I pass by. Since most of the time I am wearing a mask so maybe smile and say hello.
  6. Which leads to: wear a mask!
  7. Take a meal to someone that is having a hard time.
  8. Tell someone they did a good job. I often thank the people in stores that I go to for being there and working. It’s nice to be appreciated.
  9. Add bee and bird friendly plants to my backyard. It’s the little things.
  10. Spend less time online and more time doing something creative.
  11. Be compassionate
  12. Make someone happy
  13. Rescue an animal. I rescued my dog Rokko but I really think he rescued me!
  14. Live like you are dying. First of all you are. Secondly, if you live like you are in your last days, some of the things you worry about may seem more trivial. Not so important.
  15. Treat people the way I want to be treated. An oldie but a goodie.

Simple Yes!

I know these things sound simple, not earth shattering or life changing, but if we all at least try, the world just has to be a better place. I hope you will join me in making an effort to do your part.

Claudia Hufham

About the Author

Claudia Hufham is a blogger, mom to two grown kids and a Boxer/American Bulldog, who found herself looking for a new career at age 59. In her quest to reinvent herself and save her sanity, she started a blog. Her humor and down to earth story telling of her life lessons have led her to be featured on sites like Feedspot.com. You can read more from Claudia at Claudiareinvented. Follow Claudia on her Instagram and FaceBook Page as well.

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