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3 Outdated Items That Don’t Belong In Your Wardrobe

Elysha Lenkin Images December 2022

Style Confidence: Elysha Lenkin

I want to tell you about my floozy dress — it’s lace ivory and super short!

“It’s harder to find an outfit when you’re dealing with clutter.”

I used to wear it ALL the time in my 20s to traipse around the East Village of Manhattan when I was looking for action.

Outdated Dress:

Because when I need an outfit — like if I’ve got a party or some other occasion— and my floozy dress is in my closet, it gets in the way. I know I won’t wear it, yet it’s still there, taking up space. This makes it clutter — both in my closet and in my brain. It’s harder to find an outfit when you’re dealing with clutter.

You’ve probably got your own floozy dress. It may not look like mine, but it’s outdated — maybe not in the style, but in the usefulness it has within your wardrobe. Clothes grow outdated when they no longer serve you, and it can be hard to acknowledge you’ll never wear them again so you hold on. We all do it. We keep outdated clothes because it’s tough to let them go.

That’s why I’m going to share 3 outdated items that don’t belong in your wardrobe — no matter what. Keep in mind that outdated means they no longer serve you. This has nothing to do with what the fashion industry deems “in” or “out”. It’s about what’s “you” and “what’s not”.

Get These 3 Outdated Things Out Of Your Wardrobe:

1. Clothes That Used To Be Your Style.

These are the items you used to love and wear, but it’s been awhile since they’ve left the closet. You keep them because they remind you of the good times, and getting rid of them feels like you’re erasing that version of yourself. Outdated clothes need to go!

When I wore my floozy dress, I was young and always up for spontaneous fun. So it’s sad to let that part of myself go. But it’s also an opportunity to redefine who I have become. Currently, I’m going with midlife and making stuff happen!

2. Clothes You May Need One Day.

Many of my personal styling clients held onto things they thought they may need. One woman had three separate wardrobes to accommodate weight fluctuations. Another woman had a closet full of expensive suits she never wore.

“These are all examples of the clothes we keep just in case we need them one day.”

Knee-High Black Boots:

I used to have a pair of knee-high black boots that seemed practical, yet I never wanted to put them on. These are all examples of the clothes we keep just in case we need them one day. The important thing to note is that one day may never come.

So, you’re holding onto things that you may never need. The bottom line is if they don’t fit or you don’t like them, you don’t need them. By holding onto things for one day, you’re only making yourself feel bad for not wearing them. They don’t deserve space in your wardrobe!

3.Clothes That Were Never Your Style.

Although the intention behind gift giving is beautiful, too often the gifts themselves — especially accessories and clothing — aren’t right for you. We keep these things because we care about the person who gave them to us, and we don’t want them to feel bad. But what does this have to do with your personal style? Nothing. Totally unrelated. You can still honor the gift giver by saying thank you, and let go of the physical gift.

“Be brutally honest with yourself about why you’re holding on.”

Those On Sale:

Other pieces that fall in this category of items that were never your style are the things you bought because they were on sale. I’ll repeat that: you bought them because they were on sale. Not because they were your style. Let them go!

An Aligned Wardrobe

If you want your closet to be clear of all outdated items, take stock of what’s holding space in there right now. Be brutally honest with yourself about why you’re holding on. If your clothes don’t serve your style or support who you have become they don’t belong in your closet!

Are you dealing with too many outdated clothes and you know it’s time to let some go? Join my wardrobe purge party! It’s going to be a fun and productive way to edit and declutter your closet and make space for your 2023 personal style. Get the details here: https://elyshalenkin.com/4-hour-closet-revival

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About the Author:

Personal Stylist, Elysha Lenkin is dedicated to helping women fall in love with their style. For over 25 years, shes styled shoots for well-known brands and celebrities including Carrie Underwood, Serena Williams, Tina Fey, and O, The Oprah magazine. Today youll find her working privately with her clients to curate a winning wardrobe that allows them to get dressed with ease.

Her styling insights have appeared in numerous publications including InStyle, the NY Times, and People. When shes not playing with clothes, shes spending time with her family in downtown Manhattan. For more resources to help you be more style confident, visit Elyshas site: https://elyshalenkin.com/  Or take her free quiz to Find Your It Factor and discover your on-camera style here: https://elyshalenkin.com/kuel-quiz