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3 Tips To Help Narrow Down Your Bucket List For Travel!

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Travel Kuel Category Expert: Sarin Raj

The art of deciding where to travel next can be hard.

Imagine having to choose between Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bali, Tahiti, or Morocco, how do you make up your mind?

Narrow Down Your Bucket List:

Of course, it is part art – flair, instinct, desire, dreams, and part science – budgets, visas, distance, time, etc. But knowing that does not necessarily help. In addition, what does help is asking questions to help narrow down choices and get more clarity.

“This helps with understanding your motivations and desires.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of questions to ask:

WHY Exactly Do You Want To Travel?

This helps with understanding your motivations and desires. Typical motivations include – adventure, wish trip, cuisine, heritage sites, trace family roots, reconnect & rejuvenate or just simply taking a break from the everyday.

HOW You Travel Is As Important As Why?

Do you take short breaks, are you a slow traveler, is distance & costs a major factor, do you schedule travel around special events?

Asking why and how you travel really helps decide where to travel to. How to decide where to travel is a highly personal quest, and half the fun of travel is choosing your vacation destination. Who agrees? Turns out you are a wine lover? That will get you to France, California, Chile, Australia, Italy… This list keeps growing!

Do you dream of the sun and sea? Then perhaps the beaches of Turkey, the Cayman Islands. Jamaica, Zanzibar, or Seychelles or one of my top destinations, Bora Bora, Tahiti will satisfy your craving.

“Choosing a destination(s) for a trip can seem daunting at the beginning, I hope you found these tips helpful.”

Utterly Unforgettable Experience:

Are you looking for off-the-beaten-path vacations? Moreover, try spending a week in Sri Lanka, exploring Saharan dunes in Morocco, or bumping fists with penguins in Antarctica, an utterly unforgettable experience.

Or are you curious about New Europe? Budapest, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, or even Moscow. Or my little favorite, Moldova.

3 Of My Suggestions:

Still can’t decide? Then, drumroll – here are a few of my suggestions:

  1. Costa Rica – Interested in tropical rainforests, majestic waterfalls, biodiverse jungles.
  2. Australia – For avid chasers of amazing natural beauty, both on land & underwater.
  3. Italy, Turkey, Greece, India, Peru – For history & culture buffs.

Or do you like to explore a specific region? Pick a region and organize an itinerary that takes you there in-depth — e.g. the cities of southern France.

Choosing a destination(s) for a trip can seem daunting at the beginning, I hope you found these tips helpful. Happy planning…until next time.

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Sarin Raj

About the Author:

Sarin Raj, an accountant by profession has turned her ever-growing passion for travel and love for structure & attention to details, into helping busy women professionals by giving back their precious time and taking on the finer details of trip planning.

Sarin founded Traveluxepro in 2018 with a mission to help women professionals ‘just show up and enjoy’ their vacations. As a responsible travel advisor, Sarin makes traveling & learning about the next best destination & experiences a priority. So that she can bring back her experiences and share it with her clients. You can find Sarin at traveluxepro.com and follow her on social: Instagram.