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4 Breath Practices From Our Kuel Woman, Kristen


Kuel Life Guest Blogger and Coach, Kristen Polzien, walks us through four different practices to enhance our Oxygen intake.
Why should we care?
We don’t think about breathing often, yet we do it more than 20,000 a day – maybe even close to 50,000 depending on how active we are. We can stay alive for days without food or water or sleep, but trying going one day….. (you get the picture). Given how important breathing is, maybe we should take it less for granted.
Why is breathing so important (aside from the obvious)?
First, it supplies our body and organs with oxygen. Unfortunately our bodies cannot store oxygen and the brain cannot work with without so we need a constant supply.
Second, we need to get rid of waste and toxins from our body and breathing allows us to excrete those toxic substances.
Bad breathing can stagnate or impair our body’s ability to make the best use of O2 (oxygen). Learning how to improve our breathing is worthwhile.
Take five minutes this morning and checkout Kristen’s suggestions for how to enhance your O2 intake.

Currently, you can find Kristen and her coaching practice on her site S.E.E. Your Wellbeing. Soon, you’ll be able to access Kristen’s Coaching Services right here on Kuel Life.

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