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4 Easy Updates For A Tired-Looking Kitchen

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Home Kuel Thought Leader: Lori Roach

In this modern world we live in, it seems like we are always fighting style expiration dates.

“it’s easy to complete all four of these steps in a single day or weekend.”

Clothing, haircuts, makeup…all subject to the latest trends. And while we at midlife are no longer slaves to fashion and trends, we still like to feel modern and relevant.

So it goes, also, with our homes. Whether you are one to focus on a particular style or enjoy a more eclectic look; whether you see your home as a reflection of your personality or just a place to store your things…eventually, your décor can start to look a bit tired and in need of a refresh.

If this rings true for you, read on for 4 easy updates you can take to refresh that most abused of rooms, the kitchen. This is a quick and simple refresh – no remodeling happening here! In fact, it’s easy to complete all four of these steps in a single day or weekend.

4 Easy Updates For A Tired-Looking Kitchen:

1. Remove The Old:

Your first goal is to bring your kitchen back to neutral. Accomplish this by removing everything (yes, everything) that’s on your counters, walls, and refrigerator. Don’t panic thinking this is a full kitchen clean-out – it’s not! Leave your cabinets and drawer contents as they are, just remove the items that are in full view.

“Find a home for all but your most necessary, can’t-live-without-it-every-day items.”

2. Replace Only What Is Truly Necessary:

Be selective as you begin to move your items back into the kitchen. The only items that belong in view are décor, and items you use every day. Make no exceptions.

Do you drink coffee every single morning? The coffee pot/French press/espresso maker belongs on the counter.

Make toast once or twice a week? Find a place to store that toaster out of sight.

Paperwork and pencil jars? Don’t even think about it – store them in a desk, not on a counter!

Find a home for all but your most necessary, can’t-live-without-it-every-day items. Doesn’t your kitchen already look so much better without all that clutter?

3. Choose Your Color(s):

This is where it starts to get fun, friends! It’s time to choose a color for your new accents. Do this before you start shopping so that your accessories create a coherent look.

Start with the colors already present in your kitchen, then decide what kind of look you want:

  • Monochromatic: Keep your choices in the same color family. If your kitchen is blue, for example, choose accessories in coordinating shades of blues and greens.
  • Contrast: Choose a color that pops against your current colors. For that same blue kitchen, contrast colors could be bright yellow, lime green, or orange.
  • Light and Bright: For a fresh, clean look, consider choosing all white accessories.
  • Neutral: Especially if you love minimalist or modern farmhouse style, focus on neutral shades such as black, white, gray, and tan.

4. Bring In Your New Décor:

Keeping in mind both the space in your kitchen (remember – less is more in kitchen décor!) and the colors you have chosen, it’s time to shop for some new items. Below are some suggestions, but don’t feel like you need everything on this list. Stick with what works for you and your space.

  • Matching dispensers for liquids at the sink.
  • Utensil holder. If your utensils are shabby-looking, replace them too, or store them in a drawer.
  • Dishtowels are an easy way to add color, pattern, and texture. Choose quality towels and have no more than two out at a time.
  • Canisters – if they must be on the counter, make sure they are attractive looking.
  • A bowl or basket of fresh fruit will add a pop of color as well as some fragrance. Use an attractive container such as a ceramic or glass bowl.
  • A matched set of refrigerator magnets – if you must hang things on the fridge, at least make the display look intentional.
  • A small plant in an attractive pot. Herbs are ideal for the kitchen, but any touch of live greenery is a good addition.
  • A fragrant candle is always welcome in the kitchen.
  • A small countertop lamp is so much more pleasant than a bright overhead light after dark.
  • Attractive trays can be used to cluster items such as coffee-making supplies.
  • Remember to add some attractive wall art to the room.

What do you think of these easy updates – will you give them a try in your kitchen? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts.

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About the Author:

Lori Roach’s professional career has encompassed convention management, corporate training, education administration, and – most important to her – full-time motherhood.  As she entered her mid-fifties, she found herself moving to a new city – leaving her friends and job behind just as she became an empty nester. Seeking both purpose and a new challenge, Lori started a blog, CircleSquareOval.  Her goal is to help every woman “shape a modern midlife” by focusing on self-discovery, confidence, and connection to the world around them.

 A bit of a gypsy at heart, Lori has relocated twenty-two times in her life, making her something of an expert on settling into a new space, unpacking and decorating quickly, and creating a feeling of “home”.  She joins Kuel Life as a Home Category Expert.

You can read more from Lori at CircleSquareOval and find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.