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4 Real Women Fashion Trendsetters

Fashion Trendsetters

Just in case you got worried that fashion dies after 50, here are four women to tell you otherwise.

Apparently, we can stay true to ourselves and present as ‘fashion-forward’ as we like and/or feel. Each of the following women is proof that every decade after 50 is just ‘another ten years’ to showcase your style, energy, and personality. These four fashion trendsetters are worth watching, as they inspire us women to keep living our Kuel Life.

The Four Fashion Trendsetters To Watch:

Cathy Williamson, The Middle Page – The 50s Decade.

Cathy, 58,  started her The Middle Page after being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in July of 2013. Her fashion sense is spot on, in my opinion. And, if you are not following her on Instagram; get to it.


Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon – The 60s Decade.

At 63, Lyn presents quirky, head-turning style that leaves you wanting to borrow her outfit. Her Accidental Icon blog is worth your time. And, she’s on our list of Fashion Icons to follow on Instagram. She should be on yours; if she isn’t already.


Judith, Style Crone – The 70s Decade

Boldly, using the ‘CRONE’ word and turning it on it’s end, this fashion trendsetter is daringly showing us that the 70s is NOTHING to fear. As a matter of fact, it’s bright and blue with fantastic fashion options! You can read her musings on Style Crone and follow her on Instagram. It’s inspirational!

Dorrie Jacobson, Senior Style Bible – The 80s Decade

At 82, Dorrie is the embodiment of a KUEL WOMAN. If you doubt for one minute that the 80s aren’t something to look forward to, check out Senior Style Bible and Instagram. It’s wonderful to see women who continue to look and feel beautiful, throughout their lives. Confidence is her middle name!

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