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40 Days And 40 Nights – A Modern-Day Wi-Fi Drought

Kay Newton Images August 2022

Simplicity & Connection Thought Leader –  Kay Newton

Recent events left me without regular internet/wifi/TV access for six weeks.

Wi-Fi Drought:

Forty days and nights in the WiFi wilderness have led to simple yet profound life changes. 

My husband and I found ourselves unexpectedly spending the summer in an old traditional Spanish house. It was located at the end of a Mallorcan village – the last home before heading into the Tramuntana mountains. Here the internet has still to reach.

“Life has a funny way of throwing at you what you need at the right time.”

Wi-Fi Fix:

Initially, I tried every area on the property to look for a signal. I leaned dangerously out of the third-story bedroom window. I stood on the rooftop and attempted to hotspot off neighbours further down the road – nothing worked. 

Every day I would promise to walk down the hill in 40º C (104º F) of blazing heat, to sit in the bar with a long iced coffee to get a WiFi fix. Yet knowing the walk back up would be hell, the heat/hill was more powerful than the need for WiFi.

Life has a funny way of throwing at you what you need at the right time.

A Few Of My Findings:

At first I thought my life would be over. I thought I would never survive without knowing what was going on in the world or being able to tell everyone what was going on in mine. There was a feverish feeling, yet the Cyber Flu came and went like a 24 bug.

Instead, I found myself retreating even further, not wanting to meet anyone on or offline. The more days passed, the more I became content without the distraction of the internet. I no longer wanted or needed to know anything beyond my bubble.

Being isolated from the outside world created a new rhythm to life. With nowhere specific to go, or people to see, it was the perfect time to slow down. We are talking slower than lockdown as we did not have a list of DIY house chores to fulfill.

The Simplicities Of Life:

There was plenty of space for me to grieve. To let go of what needed to be released. To find a new version of myself by peeling off the layers no longer relevant to my life moving forwards. 

I found myself devouring books at a ferocious speed. I melted into new worlds full of characters and stories I could never have imagined. Books kept me sane and occupied when I needed to be distracted.

“There was more time for very early morning walks to hug trees.”

My body happily adapted to going to bed as the stars shone. I would rise again with the first rays of the sun (or was that the cockerel across the valley)? Our home space became filled with the smell of lovingly prepared food, eaten at a leisurely pace. 

Without Wi-Fi Intrusion:

Laughter and tears happened naturally without being forced. 

Sex became more frequent, intense, and exciting. 

Sleep was deeply restorative.

There was more time for very early morning walks to hug trees. When we did venture out into the heat, my husband and I became tourists in our backyard – we found hidden gems that we had still not visited even after 35+years of living on the island of Mallorca. 

It is not until we have experienced life without Wi-Fi intrusion can we realize just how addictive and harmful it can be.

Moving Forward:

Since arriving home, I refuse to go back to the old ways. Yet there is the paradox of needing to use the internet to finalize not going back. The wifi signal may be at full strength, yet I now have the power to turn it off.

“We do not need to be misled by others, brag about our lives or be needily nosy.”

I have begun the process of deliriously deleting myself. It has not been an easy task. In fact, with banking and connected accounts it is impossible. Yet there is a whole lot of social media that has passed its sell-by date. 

Is it true that you need to have a presence on social media? We have much more potential inside ourselves. We do not need to be misled by others, brag about our lives or be needily nosy.

Nightmare To Trace:

I am ethereally everywhere! Those passwords/old mail addresses are a nightmare to trace. There are also many emails to delete and ‘stuff’ to unsubscribe from. My cyber detective work is far from over, yet the process resonates with my 2022 simplicity theme.

I am pleased to have started this process. How far will I go? How long will I go without Wi-Fi? Only time will tell. It has made me think about what my family would do if I were to leave this earthly body tomorrow. What about you? How do you declutter your online presence? Reach out below and share some of your tips and tricks. 

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Kay Newton

About the Author:

Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

Kay’s books include: 

Today, Kay lives a simple life next to a beach in Mallorca, Spain. You can find Kay here: www.KayNewton.com.