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5 Misconceptions About Shoes

Gail Scott July 2023 1 1

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

Ahhh shoes! They are my favorite accessory, but also the one that seems to cause the most concern for women.

My clients almost always mention issues with their feet during our initial appointments. Many have given up on having cute shoes and that breaks my little stylist’s heart. This month I am going to dispel some misconceptions about shoes and help you find solutions for your shoe problems.

5 Misconceptions About Shoes:

1. Shoes Need To Look Like “Shady Acres” Orthopedics To Be Comfortable:

Not so! Shoe manufacturers have finally started listening to what we want, and we want comfort. From boutique manufacturers to major brands, things are changing. Comfort is in the details, as is good style. Shoes can even have a heel and still be comfortable. Look for brands offering built-in arch support and you may skip the orthotics.

“The construction of the shoe matters as much as the height of the heel.”

2. Flats Are Best:

They actually are not best for most feet. We interviewed a show fit specialist on our podcast, and for most women, a slight heel is best.

3. All Heels Are The Same:

No, they aren’t. The construction of the shoe matters as much as the height of the heel. A wider heel is more stable than a spindly heel and requires less work in keeping your foot balanced. Wedges are easier to walk in than a kitten or spike heel.

Platforms take some of the pressure off of the ball of the foot, making a shoe more comfortable. Straps that keep shoes on are easier to walk in, as you are not having to grip with your toes all day. And a molded footbed keeps toes from sliding forward in a heel. The next time you go shopping, consider the construction details, and don’t rule out all heels.

4. Shoes Don’t Really Matter, Who Is Going To See Them?

Oh, we see them! And they can make or break an outfit. A great shoe can be a finishing touch, or the glue that brings an outfit together. Shoes are a giveaway as to how stylish you truly are.

5. Cheap Shoes Are Just As Good:

A great pair of shoes will last for years and help make many outfits. Invest in good shoes, you will not be sorry, and your feet will thank you.

Helpful Tips For Style And Comfort – Further Misconceptions About Shoes:

Leather (including Suede) is Queen in the world of shoes. High-quality leather will stretch and mold onto your foot. The best leathers require no break-in and are super soft out of the gate. Fabric and faux leather shoes can be rough on feet, from no-give and sometimes they have sharp edges that rub blisters or cut into your foot. And on this note, never wear brand new shoes to a stand-up event. Wear shoes around at home to make sure of the comfort level before attempting to wear them out.

Consider if you need a wide or narrow width rather than purchasing shoes that are too long or too short to get a width that works. Ill-fitting shoes are responsible for lots of foot problems and discomfort. Put forth the time and effort to get the right fit.

“Trendy details can also date a shoe quickly, so choose carefully.”

Trendy Details:

Details like bows, buttons, buckles, etc. can really dress up a shoe and give it punch. Trendy details can also date a shoe quickly, so choose carefully.

Reptile prints work like neutrals and can go with lots of garments. Give them a try!

Wider platforms on shoes will make them more stable. This applies to high and low heels.To gain height without straining your feet, consider a flatform, which have little to no rise or pitch, so the ball of the foot is not under pressure. Wedges are also a comfortable choice and espadrilles are really on trend right now.

Use inserts for special needs. Place gripping inserts inside of shoes to help keep them on. Having to grip them with your toes all day leads to foot fatigue. To make a shoe fit better, consider foam or gel inserts. They are available in full length or for certain parts of the shoes. Use gel inserts to relieve pressure on the ball of your foot or your heel. On the outer sole, add a gripping strip to keep from slipping on carpets and other surfaces.

To elongate the leg, avoid ankle straps that cut across the foot or ankle. Choose a shoe that is open on the top of the foot. For the most elongation, a flesh-toned shoe doesn’t break the line of the foot.

City Sneakers:

Sneakers are on trend in fashion now, and there are tons of cute “city sneakers” that not only look great, but also keep your feet comfy on the streets.

If you have hard-to-fit feet, look for boutique brands that offer extended sizing. And keep in mind that for larger brands, all of their shoes may not be manufactured in the same plant and there can be sizing discrepancies within the brand. If ordering shoes at the last minute for an event, order multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit. Otherwise, in a pinch, you may be tempted to wear ones that do not fit well or feel comfortable.

Look for great shoes on sale or at a discount rather than cheap shoes at full price. Good leather and well-constructed shoes are worth waiting for. When choosing a shoe for a look, consider color, the style genre, and balance/proportion. Don’t ruin a beautiful flowy dress with a clunky shoe, or end heavy denim trousers with a lightweight strappy shoe.

“Good leather and well-constructed shoes are worth waiting for.”

Contrast Color To Your Outfit:

The old idea of not wearing a shoe lighter than your hemline is out the door. For color, choose a shoe in the shade family of your garments (does not need to be an exact match), a color within a print in your garment, or a contrasting color to your outfit. Tie the shoe into other accessories for a cohesive look. Consider a print or multi-colored shoe with solids for a fun way to bring a look together.

Finally, if you do get a blister, forget the bandage. Get some moleskin and/or duct tape. Duct tape over a piece of gauze can protect the blister from further friction. If you have a hot spot, use tape on the area to prevent the blister from forming.

And this month, I have a treat for you. Click this link to see some Kuel and fashionable shoe finds that have some of the details and features discussed above. Hope we helped dispel some misconceptions about shoes. Until next month, Happy Shoe Shopping!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
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