Kuel Life the Collective Power of Women

Leading the way, 20 women CEO's over 45

Women CEO’s are not the norm yet, with only about 5% running S&P 500 companies. But we are starting to see the numbers inch up. We live in a time when women are breaking through the glass ceiling, and even though the numbers are small, we are making strides. Here are 20 women leading the way.

Mary Barra, age 56, CEO of General Motors (Automotive)

Marillyn Hewson, age 64 CEO of Lockheed Martin (Military Hardware & Transportation)

Abigail Johnson, age 56, CEO of Fidelity Investments (Financial Services)

Emma Walmsley, age 49, CEO of Glaxo Smith Kline (Pharmaceuticals)
Ginni Rometty, age 60 CEO of IBM (Technology)
Adena Friedman, age 48, CEO of Nasdaq (Financial)
Geisha Williams, age 56, CEO of PG & E (Utilities)
Safra Catz, age 56, Co-CEO of Oracle (Technology)
Meg Whitman, age 61, CEO of Hewlett Packard (Technology)
Indra Nooyi, age 62, CEO Pepsi Co (Food products)
Michele Buck, age 55, CEO of Hershey (Candy)
Susan Wojcicki, age 49, CEO of You Tube (now owned by GOOGLE) (Technology)
Katherine Marinello, age, CEO of Hertz Global (Auto Transportation)
Tricia Griffith, age 54, CEO of Progressive Corp (Insurance)
Mary Dillon, age 56, CEO of Ulta Beauty (Personal Care)
Margo (Margaret) Georgiadis, age, CEO of Mattel (Toys)
Denise Morrison, age 64 CEO of Campbell Soup (Food)
Barbara Rentler, age , CEO Ross Stores (Clothing)
Gail Boudreaux, age 57, CEO of Anthem Inc (Health Care)
Phebe Novakovic, age 59, CEO of General Dynamics Corp (Aerospace & Defense)