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What To Do With Your College Grad’s Room

What To Do With Your College Grad's Room

Now that you’re officially an empty nester, what are you going to do with your college grad’s room?

Here are 5 suggestions to enjoy your new-found square footage:

1. Build a new walk-in closet:

I can only speak for myself, but this is very appealing. I’m so tired of trying to cram more things in my overstuffed closet. The idea of an entire room as a closet makes me smile.

2. Create a hobby room:

A room for the passions and hobbies you already have and the ones you’re going to start enjoying.

3. Transform it into a gym.

Who needs to pay a fee and drive to a gym, now you can walk down the hall to sweat.

4. Make a women’s ‘cave’.

Enjoy a place that’s all yours, a place where you’re in charge of the remote control! Read, write, meditate… Make it a place where you can do things that feed your soul.

5. Turn it into a guest room.

Because your new college grad is going to come home and visit!

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