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5 Things You Can Declutter Today For Instant Stress Relief

Instant Stress Relief

Declutter To Reinvent: Cat Coluccio

No matter how tidy or organized you might be, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, clutter has an amazing ability to accumulate rapidly, bringing with it the feeling of overwhelm and stress.

Given that we are already juggling so much at midlife – careers, relationships, empty nests, aging parents and more, all while riding the menopause rollercoaster – the need for a serene, calm, and clutter free environment becomes even more crucial. 

It’s so easy to feel stuck in those times when the clutter creep starts to take over, especially when your calendar is so full. Where on earth are you going to find a spare few weeks to embark on a major declutter? Thankfully, I’ve got good news for you! Decluttering doesn’t have to be a huge, daunting all-or-nothing task. By tackling small areas of your life in the pockets of times available each week, you can make a significant difference to your environment and importantly, your stress levels. 

5 Things You Can Declutter Today For Instant Stress Relief:

Ready to get started? Here are five things you can declutter today for instant stress release!

“If your workplace is starting to feel messy and stressful, there are so many things you can do to immediately make a difference.”

1. Workspace Woes:

We spend so much of our lives at work, and whether you work from home or have a dedicated workspace, clutter can impact your productivity and creativity. For years now, I’ve made a point of tidying my desk at the end of the day, and it feels so good every morning to arrive at that clear workspace ready to create. 

If your workplace is starting to feel messy and stressful, there are so many things you can do to immediately make a difference. Crank the music and set the timer for 20 mins, with the goal to create your zen-like work environment as quickly as possible. Start by removing everything that should be in drawers or containers – pens, scissors, post-its and various stationary items. Next, corral all paperwork into a tray or standing file.

Long term, you can work through this file and digitize where appropriate. Wipe down your computer and desk, add a photo, inspirational message, or vase of flowers for a personal touch. Then, stand back and enjoy your space. Tomorrow morning, you’ll be able to start your day inspired and focused.

2. Wardrobe Refresh:

One of the most liberating decluttering tasks I’ve found is to revamp your wardrobe. I love refreshing mine every change of season as it’s amazing how clutter has managed to sneak in. Admittedly, decluttering your wardrobe can feel daunting. Especially if you haven’t done it for a while. However you’ll be amazed at the difference you can make in just 20 minutes!

Crank that music, set that timer and focus on one area – be it your underwear drawer or a hanging section. Separate items you haven’t worn in the past year, and those that no longer fit your style or body. I suggest that you toss them into a box and store it in your garage until you’ve completed the entire wardrobe. At that point, you can choose to donate, sell ,or toss the items. Organize your remaining items by category – be that by season or color. As you work your way through your wardrobe, you will be amazed at how much lighter you feel!

3. Kitchen Chaos:

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but being a high traffic area, can quickly become cluttered with paperwork, gadgets, expired pantry items, and the dreaded assortment of plastic containers without lids.

A full kitchen declutter can be a huge job, but again, you will be amazed what you can achieve in just small pockets of time. You know the drill! Set the timer, crank the music, and focus on just one area, for example the kitchen counter, or the plastic drawer, or the vegie drawers in the fridge, or one shelf in your pantry. Toss expired food, out of date papers, and never-used appliances and kitchen tools. Imagine how fabulous you will feel sipping your morning coffee in your clean and clutter-free kitchen!

4. Bathroom Bliss:

Another room you spend a lot of time in is your bathroom. Clutter in this space is both stressful and irritating when you are trying to get out the door in the morning and you can’t locate your favorite lip stick. By decluttering this space you provide instant stress release for your get-ready time.

“Imagine how fabulous you will feel sipping your morning coffee in your clean and clutter-free kitchen!”

Cleaning a bathroom countertop is always my go-to zone when I want to achieve a quick decluttering win – and you can easily declutter this in a 20 minute window if you stay focussed. Once that is done, work on transforming your bathroom into a serene sanctuary by decluttering different zones. For example, the medicine cabinet or the black hole under the basin.

Be ruthless and toss those expired toiletries, old makeup, and unused hair products! Your stress levels will be soothed whenever you enter your decluttered, clean and organized bathroom.

5. Mindset Makeover:

As I’ve often stated in my other articles here on Kuel Life, decluttering isn’t just about tidying physical spaces; it’s also about decluttering our minds and letting go of mental baggage which can easily amplify the stress we live with.

Your health and wellbeing is critical, so take time each day for mindfulness practices such as meditation, journaling, or simply enjoying moments of solitude. In your small pockets of time, consciously release negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and replace them with positivity and self-compassion. By decluttering your mindset, you’ll experience greater peace, resilience, and fulfillment in your midlife season and beyond.

Powerful Tool:

So there we have it – 5 Things you can Declutter Today for Instant Stress Relief! I’ve personally found decluttering to be a powerful tool for instant stress relief,. By tackling small areas of our lives, such as our wardrobe, kitchen, and workspace, we can create a sense of calm and order that permeates every aspect of our existence.

I want to encourage you to embrace the process of decluttering as an opportunity to simplify your life, prioritize what truly matters, and create space for joy, creativity, and connection. Remember, the journey to a clutter-free life begins with a single step – so why not start today?

Fed up with feeling overwhelmed with all of the “stuff” in your home, on your devices and in your schedule? Want instant stress relief?

Want to simplify your life but aren’t sure where to begin? Additional resources can be found in Cat’s bio below.

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Cat Coluccio

About the Author:

Cat Coluccio is a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach – and a champion of midlife women. She is the host of the Rocking Midlife® Community and Podcast, and the author of a number of books, including 21 Hacks to ROCK your Midlife.  Join my FREE 30 Day Love your Home Decluttering Challenge for 30 days of email prompts to help you fall in love with your home once more!

Cat is passionate about helping midlife women create fulfilling and purposeful lives yet understands how challenging it can feel to consider reinvention when your world is already so incredibly full. Hence she firmly believes that the first step to building the life that you desire in your next season, is to declutter and create space right now – be that physically, mentally or digitally.

10 Tips to Simplify your Life is a workbook Cat wrote to help break the feeling of overwhelm that clutter brings – and even better, it is her FREE gift to you.  Download your copy and start simplifying your life today! Available >>>> HERE <<<<