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5 Tips To Declutter Your Life – Harness Spring Cleaning Anytime

Cat Coluccio July 2023

Declutter To Reinvent: Cat Coluccio

If you missed the spring cleaning bug, it’s not too late to clean and declutter in July.

Indeed, spring is the traditional time of year when many of us feel the need to freshen up our homes, purge our closets, and clear out the accumulated clutter of the past twelve months. If you didn’t get to it this spring, no worries – NOW works too.

However, have you ever thought about how you could harness the energy of spring cleaning in order to declutter other areas of your life beyond your physical space – beyond the season.

Decluttering Means So Much More:

As I regularly state in my books, blog posts, and Kuel Life articles – decluttering means so much more than simply tossing physical things that you no longer use or love. Rather, this season is the perfect time to declutter and make positive changes in ALL areas of your life. Read on as I share with you five tips to help you declutter your life and create a more peaceful and fulfilling existence this that goes way beyond spring!

“When you simplify your physical space, you create a more peaceful and calming environment”

1. Simplify your physical space: Let’s start with the obvious traditional Spring Cleaning. It’s no secret that clutter in our physical environment can have a negative impact on our mental health. Take some time to evaluate your home and determine what items you truly need or genuinely love, and which ones are just taking up space. Consider donating or selling items that are no longer useful to you. When you simplify your physical space, you create a more peaceful and calming environment – a perfect foundation for the next steps in your spring decluttering.

Evaluate Your Priorities:

2. Clear your schedule: We all have busy schedules with never-ending to-do lists. Take a step back and evaluate your priorities. Are you spending your time on the things that truly matter to you? Consider where you might be able to simplify your schedule to create more breathing room. Sometimes saying “no” to things is the best way to create space for the things that are most important, and this might take some practice if you are used to putting everyone else’s needs before your own.

3. Declutter your digital space: Our digital lives can be just as cluttered as our physical space. So it’s important to declutter your devices as well. Especially if you are finding yourself frequently distracted by open tabs or a dozen apps! As well, delete old emails and unsubscribe from email lists you no longer find useful, then take the time to reorganize your computer files and photos into folders. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be when your digital space is simplified and organized.

Limiting Belief:

4. Let go of toxic relationships: Relationships have a significant impact on our lives and well-being. If there are people in your life who are toxic, it might be time to let them go. Often, these relationships require a great deal of energy and effort on your part and can be draining. Evaluate the relationships in your life and determine which ones are adding value and which ones may be harmful. Once you make this determination, take action to minimize or eliminate the negative influences in your life.

“Write a list of the limiting beliefs in your life, or give yourself a Life Audit”

5. Let go of limiting beliefs: We all have beliefs about ourselves that can hold us back. Maybe you believe that you’re not good enough or that you don’t deserve to be happy. These beliefs can keep us stuck and prevent us from living the life we truly desire. Write a list of the limiting beliefs in your life, or give yourself a Life Audit – an exercise I write about in my book 21 Hacks to ROCK your Midlife! and then actively work to let them go. This may involve reframing your thoughts or seeking support from a therapist or coach.

Seasonal Ritual To Declutter Your Life:

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to cleaning out your physical space nor to the few months defined as spring. By following these five tips, you can harness the power of this seasonal ritual to declutter areas of your life beyond just your home, ultimately giving you space to create the life and memories you want this summer.

I invite you this year to intentionally simplify your physical space, clear your schedule, declutter your devices, let go of toxic relationships and release your limiting beliefs. You will be surprised at the positive impact on your life and well-being and ready to enjoy your summer to the fullest.

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Cat Coluccio

About the Author:

Cat Coluccio is a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach – and a champion of midlife women. She is the host of the Rocking Midlife® Community and Podcast, and the author of a number of books, including 21 Hacks to ROCK your Midlife.  Join my FREE 30 Day Love your Home Decluttering Challenge for 30 days of email prompts to help you fall in love with your home once more!

Cat is passionate about helping midlife women create fulfilling and purposeful lives yet understands how challenging it can feel to consider reinvention when your world is already so incredibly full. Hence she firmly believes that the first step to building the life that you desire in your next season, is to declutter and create space right now – be that physically, mentally or digitally.

Don’t know where to start with your decluttering adventure? Make sure to register for my 30 Day Love your Home Decluttering Challenge! It’s FREE and you can work your way through the daily emailed prompts at your own pace! What have you got to lose other than your clutter? Register now at  www.loveyourhomedeclutteringchallenge.com