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5 Tips To Maintain A Work-Life Balance Amidst The Health Crisis

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The ongoing health crisis has upended our work culture as we know it.

Remote work is becoming more common in America, as more and more companies continue to shift to this way of working. And while it isn’t easy to adjust from being office-based, there are actually a lot of productivity opportunities in this new working environment. In fact, a feature on how businesses can adapt to telecommuting on HP notes that the majority of remote workers tend to do an extra day of work compared to physically present employees. This in turn can pave the way for more career growth and development.

However, what this also means is that it’s easy to overwork yourself now that your hours are more flexible than ever. After all, when work and the office are the same thing, those lines can blur without you even realizing it.

“important to make work-life balance a priority”

To this end, it’s important to make work-life balance a priority, especially during these difficult and mentally-taxing times. Setting yourself up for burnout will only make your productivity suffer even more. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Plan Your Day Ahead

At home, the bustle of your own household can definitely get in the way of your work—whether it’s having to help your teen with homework or catching up on chores. This is why it’s essential to establish a daily schedule so you aren’t hopping from one task to another and getting distracted. Plus, Verywell Mind explains that having a regular routine keeps you focused and productive, while helping you manage stress and anxiety.

2. Inform Your Household

Once you’ve mapped out how your daily routine should look, discuss it with your family so you can flesh out a schedule that works for all of you. For instance, if you have a major Zoom meeting lined up, giving your partner and kids a heads-up will prevent any interruptions at work, and disagreements at home. You could even consider waking up earlier before everyone else so that you have more peace and quiet. All in all, setting the right boundaries will help you maintain a healthy semblance of control.

“wearing proper attire can have an impact on your cognitive abilities.”

3. Dress to Impress

You might want to rethink sporting a loungewear set when working at home, as your clothes actually play a key role in your work performance. In a study published by Scientific American, it was found that wearing proper attire can have an impact on your cognitive abilities. Put simply, if you’re sporting pajamas and disheveled bed hair all day, then your mindset will also be geared towards relaxation. Of course, you don’t have to put up with uncomfortable suits and jeans (unless you’ve got a virtual meeting that requires you to), but at least keep it decent and presentable at all times. That will definitely empower you more to work!

4. Create a Productive Workspace

While the current conditions may be beyond your control, it’s important to ensure that your indoor surroundings are conducive to getting your work done. On that note, you should find a designated area in your home that not only allows you to keep a neat and orderly desk, but also lets you work in peace. Ideally, somewhere that’s far away from the kids’ playing area or your partner watching TV. Plus, building a productive workspace means you can customize it to your liking. Business News Daily recommends having plants and some picture frames around to boost productivity levels.

5. Take a Break

Although hard work is key, always remember that stress is not synonymous with success. Like we mentioned, pushing yourself beyond your limits can cause you to easily burn out, and therefore make it tougher for you to manage your home life. In this regard, try scheduling 10-minute rest breaks every three hours during work. Whether it’s cuddling with your fur baby or practicing some breathing exercises, taking your mind off things for a while will help you stay grounded and focused.

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