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5 Ways To Spot A High-Value, Successful Man

Illa Lynn February 2023 1

Midlife & Beyond Dating: Illa Lynn

In the world of Tinder Swindlers and play-pretend, dating anxiety and fear of letting someone in is at an all-time high.

Getting caught up in superficial aspects of someone’s appearance or material possessions is quite easy especially if you experience love-bombing (too much, too soon), which is why it is critical to spot these players early on and avoid the emotional, physical, and financial anguish of falling for them.

To discern if he is a true high-value successful man assess the following:

“This shows that he’s driven, ambitious, and capable of making things happen.”

A Successful And High-Value Man:

1. He Has A Clear Sense Of Purpose And Direction In His Life.

A successful and high-value man will have a clear idea of what he wants to achieve in his career, personal life, and relationships.

In addition. he’ll have a plan and a set of goals that he’s actively working towards, and he’ll be able to articulate his vision for the future. This shows that he’s driven, ambitious, and capable of making things happen. He will not make moves that jeopardize his livelihood, the livelihood of their partner or cross others for personal gain.

2. He’s Confident And Self-Assured.

A high-value man will have a strong sense of self-worth and won’t let others define him. He’ll be comfortable in his own skin and not swayed by the opinions or judgments of others. This man is able to stand up for himself and his beliefs, and he’ll be able to handle criticism and rejection with grace.

He will not mind having healthy conflict with you and resolving difficult situations with resilience and grace. A high-value man will not compete with others, in order to feel valued or worthy,

Generous With Time:

3. He’s A Great Communicator.

He will be able to express himself clearly and effectively. This type of man shows you that he is a great listener and you will feel seen by him. By being emotionally intelligent, empathetic, and capable of building strong and healthy relationships, he will be the partner you have longed for.

And furthermore, perhaps for the very first time, you will enjoy healthy two-way communication without the struggle to communicate your needs, wants, and desires and without being labeled naggy or too much to handle.

4. He’s Generous And Kind.

A successful and high-value man will be generous with his time, energy, love, and resources. He’ll be drawn to help others. He’ll be kind and compassionate, and he will do it without anyone knowing of his generosity.

“He’ll be curious about the world around him and be willing to learn about things you enjoy, even if he is not a fan (yet).”

Also, high-value successful men do not flaunt their wealth. Most of them dress well without displaying designer labels and show you who they are through action, and not empty promises. 

Open To New Ideas:

5. He’s Open-minded And Curious.

A successful and high-value man will be open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. He’ll be curious about the world around him and be willing to learn about things you enjoy, even if he is not a fan (yet).

Moreover, his ability to adapt to change and see the value in different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles shows that he is intelligent, flexible, and capable of seeing the world from multiple perspectives. It will feel like a breath of fresh air to be with a partner like this, especially if you have been limited and suffocated by past partners.

Successful And High-Value Men Can Be Gratifying:

In dating, it is important to find qualities in a partner that are truly important to you. The qualities inherent in success include a clear sense of purpose and direction, confidence, self-assurance, good communication skills, generosity, kindness, and an open mind. Strong, and healthy, these qualities characterize fulfilling relationships. 

In conclusion, relationships with successful and high-value men can be gratifying. He will support you emotionally, spiritually, financially, and intellectually. Consequently, he will inspire you, challenge you, and be a rock-solid partner that is consistent in his words and actions. You will laugh, you will smile, and you will feel loved when you are with him. The value he adds to your life will be felt in every aspect of your existence.

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About the Author:

Illa Lynn is a former corporate health care leader turned Life Coach who specializes in Relationship Coaching for women. In addition to her ten years of academic and professional training, she specializes in dating after 40. Specifically dating after divorce, or toxic love. Using her psychology background and intuitive nature, Illa helps women open up to love again. In three steps, Illa guides women to create lasting, authentic relationships founded on transparency, respect, and trust. Follow Illa on LinkedIN for more tips and tricks on dating.