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6 Gadgets That All Women Should Be Using

10 incredible technologies woman can use

Not a day goes by where there isn’t some new cool item making our lives easier.

I’ve included 6 Gadgets That I Really Like.

The Amazon ECHO With Alexa:

I just got it as a gift and have been having some fun with it. I can tell it to play my favorite songs with this gadget, find out the weather report, order an UBER, control my other smart home devices. All kinds of things. It continues to amaze me that I just tell it something and it does it. Now if only my husband would do the same 🙂

“This item has changed my life!”

The Tile:

For all you gals out there like me who are constantly looking for their keys, or anything else they ‘lose’ consistently such as their wallet, there is THE TILE. This item has changed my life! This gadget will make a ringing sound or show on a map via an app where your keys, wallet or any other ’tiled’ item are located.

Great Dog Camera:

For you pet lovers out there, if you’re like me it’s stressful to leave our fur babies behind when we travel. Here is a great dog camera that goes far beyond just monitoring. With an HD camera that can be used day or night it lets you capture pics and take videos. It has a bark sensor for real-time bark alerts, and a microphone so you can talk to your furry loved one or tell the machine to dispense treats. To combine 2 technologies for the ultimate in spoiling your dog while you are away, you can tell ‘Alexa’ (see above) to toss a treat every hour. That will make for a happy pooch!

“I wish I knew about this at Thanksgiving.”

The Weber Kitchen:

For those who love to cook but hate to have to stay in the kitchen. The WEBER Kitchen Thermometer has an app alert that will let you know when dinner is done. It uses Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to cook just about any dish to the temp you want without having to keep an eye on it. I wish I knew about this at Thanksgiving.

The SOI Mini:

For the handbag, a motion sensor light. We’ve all been there, digging for our keys at the bottom of our purse and not finding them. They say that throughout her life the average woman spends 76 days looking for items in her handbag. 76 days! The SOI Mini puts an end to blindly rummaging through your purse or backpack to find keys, wallet, or pen, etc. This clever little 1.5 ounce light turns on when it senses your hand and gives light to the darkness in your bag. It’s battery-operated and can easily transfer from purse to purse.
gadget       gadget

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle Gadget:

Fitness tracker hidden in jewelry, I loved the idea of this. My husband bought me a Fitbit and I was excited because I had been wanting to track my ‘steps’ per day.  But I did not find the piece of rubber sitting around my wrist the least bit attractive and then I saw it online, The Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle. I immediately ordered it. The Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle is an activity tracker but thankfully it’s hard to tell from its appearance. It has all the functionality of the Flex 2 (tracking as well as phone notifications) but as a bracelet, I can wear it all day without looking like I just came from the gym. My quest for 10,000 steps a day continues and my wrist looks a lot prettier.

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