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6 Tips On How To Wear White This Season

wear white this season

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

You heard me right, it is the season for White!

But that doesn’t mean just any white, it means your lightest neutral.

What is White?:

All whites are not the same. You’ve probably noticed that in your load of laundry. Let’s discuss the various shades of white and other tips for wearing this fresh summer staple.

“White is not the absence of color, even though that is how it appears to our human eye.”

White is not the absence of color, even though that is how it appears to our human eye. It is actually a mix of many colors. White objects fully reflect and scatter all visible wavelengths of light. Another fun fact, white is technically not a color, it is a shade. For our purposes, we will discuss adding other colors to pure white to create various shades of white, even though pure white has no hue.

Your Best White:

If we add yellow or another warm color to white, then we get a shade that is warm in hue. If we add blue or gray to white, we get a shade that is cool in hue. Moreover, if you are warm, warm shades of white will work best for you as a light neutral, and if you are cool, vice versa. In finding our best shade, we must also consider depth, so look at some of the options.

Adding yellow will give us shades like pearl, ivory, cream, and linen. These shades have warmth that allows them to be harmonious on people with warm coloring. They blend well with warm colors from your palette.

If your coloring is soft, the softer shades in the lineup will work well around your face. If you are deep or high contrast in your coloring, the very lightest or deepest of these neutrals can work for you.

Adding blue or gray gives us cool shades of “white” like snow, cool white, and frost. Pure white, although it technically has no hue, does appear on the cool spectrum to the human eye. These shades work for those with cool coloring. The shades with added color appear softer and are good for those with softer coloring. Those with deep cool coloring or high contrast cool coloring will look amazing in pure white.

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Why Wear White?:

White shades give a contrasting neutral to let other shades shine. In high-contrast individuals, the contrast can be to the person’s coloring, making their features stand out. For clothing, this contrast makes the other clothing pieces “pop”. White is also a color that reflects the sun’s rays, making it cooler than shades like black or navy.

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“In building your wardrobe, you will want to have basics in your best neutral shades.”

In building your wardrobe, you will want to have basics in your best neutral shades. For your best “white”, I recommend having t-shirts, button-up shirts, tanks, and shells in your closet. These pieces will make it easy to put together outfits. You may also enjoy having pants, jeans, or skirts in your best neutral, and a dress in that shade can be stunning in bringing out your natural beauty. We do often recommend working within your lighter neutrals for summer and deeper for winter, but that is also dependent on your contrast level.

6 Tips For Wearing White:

  1. Good undergarments are a must when wearing white. Many think that white panties are the way to go, but a flesh-toned panty is best. Choose a beige or brown color similar to your skin tone and they will not show underneath white pants, skirts, and dresses. Choosing a smooth panty is also important. Ones that lay very flat at the leg opening, with gripping edges that hold them in place work very well. Flesh-toned and undecorated bras are also best when wearing the white family.
  2. Be cautious of makeup and sunless tanner when wearing white. Set your makeup with setting spray or wear a non-transfer formula.
  3. Use your napkin across your chest to avoid spills and drops. They really show up on white and can be very hard to remove. I love Neatsheets, which are adult-sized stick-on bibs/napkins that prevent getting your clothes messy when eating. They are available on Amazon.
  4. Purchase quality leather shoes. Faux leather just does not look good in white. Keep white shoes clean with a Mr. Clean sponge. The sponges are great at removing dirt and scuff marks. They also work for the soles of sneakers.
  5. Consider white accessories like sunglasses, readers, a handbag, or bold earrings. It can be unexpected and a real standout.
  6. Try wearing all white. It’s very summery and quite striking.

I hope you have fun experimenting with your “white” this season!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott
Email: gailscott@bellsouth.net  If you would like more help with makeup application, check out Gail’s course on www.yourcolorstyle.com. For some of her favorite beauty products (many used in these looks), click here.