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7 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Style

Gail Scott June 2023 1

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

Most women, and some men, would say that they would like to upgrade their style.

But what does that mean? What does it look like? It’s more than just higher-priced clothes or owning more garments. Let’s dive into what separates good style from simply getting dressed, and how you can elevate your look.

1. Color:

Color is a quick way to upgrade your style. When wearing your best colors, you can look amazing with little effort. Curating a closet of color-type specific garments that work together will also give you lots of choices of “what to wear” and make getting dressed more fun. At a minimum, you’ll want to determine your signature colors (ones that bring out your eyes and make your complexion look amazing) and your best neutrals (core colors). Finding your best shades is determined by considering your temperature, depth, and contrast level. A system like Your Color Style offers self-paced courses as well as professional analysis if you are eager to find your best shades. I like this system because it is based on the science of color theory. 

2. Adding A Third Piece Elevates Your Style:

the third piece can be an interesting garment that is the star of the show”

The effect of layers brings sophistication and perceived thoughtfulness to a look. This is easy during colder months, jackets and cardigans are an easy option, but what about warmer weather? Choose a kimono or ruana in a lightweight fabric like linen to bring a look together, while staying cool. Whether warm or cool weather, the third piece can be an interesting garment that is the star of the show, or a neutral to balance out other patterns and colors. 

3. Accessories:

Accessories can bring a look to life. Shoes, jewelry, belts, bags, scarves, and hats can all add the feeling that a look has been thought out and is complete. They can add a pop of color or bring a mix of colors together. A good rule of thumb is to stick to two to three solids in an outfit. So a top in one color, a bottom in a second, and an accessory could be a third. Another option is to pull a color from a print and use it for accessories. In this equation, one to two colors from the print are ideal for the other clothing pieces and accessories. That could be a print top, solid bottom in one color, with solid shoes and accessories, or a third piece in the same or a second solid color. I love teaching my clients simple equations that they can use to create outfits, and accessories are part of the equations.

4. Print Fabrics:

Consider color, proportion, and style when deciding which ones to add to your wardrobe.”

Many people shy away from print fabrics. It’s a common theme that I see when I begin working with a new client. Prints can be intimidating and take a little more thought when placing into a look, but the payoff is worth it. Mastering the use of prints in your wardrobe will take it up several notches. The key to making prints work is to find the right ones for you. Consider color, proportion, and style when deciding which ones to add to your wardrobe. A simple formula is mixing a print with neutrals or a solid color from the print. A more advanced formula is mixing a print with two different solid colors, and even more advanced is print mixing. If you are unsure about prints, begin with simple stripes or a two color print, it will add fun and interest to your look. 

5. Pick A Theme:

Staying within the same theme or style will look more cohesive and on point. This simply means pulling accessories and pieces that are similar in style (classic, tailored, boho, etc.) and pairing them together. Choose pieces that share a similar feel. For instance, wear a safari dress with a raffia belt and shoes, and a bamboo-handled bag. All of the elements have an outdoor feel, and when combined with harmonious colors, this brings the look together in a very elevated way. Contrasting themes is an advanced style technique that can be tricky to master. These looks combine elements from different styles in surprising ways. A great example of this way of styling is a graphic t-shirt with a dressy blazer and jeans. This produces an edgy look that is brought together through color and accessories.

6. Textures And Details:

Texture and detail often differentiate inexpensive garments from higher-end pieces”

Texture and details bring a lot of interest to garments and the overall look. Choosing fabrics with different textures will allow the eye to perceive the different pieces and elevate your style. Details such as stitching, studs, buttons, and lapels can make a garment stand out from the norm. Texture and detail often differentiate inexpensive garments from higher-end pieces and add sophistication to even the simplest of outfit combinations. Consider adding wool, linen, seersucker, leather, suede, scuba/neoprene, jersey, and denim, and other weights and finishes to your closet to give yourself lots of options. 

7. Mix Up Your Silhouettes:

Lastly, elevate your style by mixing up your silhouettes to keep it interesting. If your look uses the same overall shape and basic pieces every day, it will start to feel like the same look to those around you. If you wear straight-leg pants, a camisole, and a hip-length blazer with basic pumps day after day, others may not notice the colors and details you may be wearing. It is essentially the same look, and it can get boring. Shake things up by adding in different layering pieces, necklines, pant shapes, and third pieces. It will appear that you have more clothing and the looks will be more fun to wear.

Use these tips to give your look an upgrade, and if you need help with your style, check out the additional resources below. Until next month, remember to style yourself as who you truly are!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott
Email: [email protected] Or through www.yourcolorstyle.com