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7 Steps Towards A Healthy Liver

Simplicity & Connection Thought Leader –  Kay Newton

If you are looking for information on midlife sex, face creams or fashion, this post is not for you.

“To create peace in the world, we have to heal our livers.”

Peace In Our World:

Likewise, if you are expecting a historical piece on the history of the world or how women make better leaders, you will be so disappointed. The article below is a whacky piece with one simple thought.

I love reading books. Within the pages, there will be at least one inspirational ah-ah moment. Recently, one sentence turned my world upside down. So simple, so profound and applies to most of us. 

“To create peace in the world, we have to heal our livers.” 

It got my brain into overdrive! And started me thinking on the best steps towards a healthier liver.

Let Me Explain:

When we think of taking care of our bodies with think of the:

  • The heart – our emotional centre 
  • The lungs – our breath of life
  • The brain – our awareness
  • The gut – the second brain and our place of intuition
  • Yet, we very rarely think of the peacekeeper – the liver. 

Our liver is the moderator, a central hub of a complex defense system keeping it safe against countless problems. It is understudied and understood. 

“There is a global epidemic of both anger and liver disease.”

Global Epidemic:

There is a global epidemic of both anger and liver disease. You only have to watch the replay of Will Smith at the 2022 Oscar awards to witness anger in action. Listen to the news to see the devastation in Russia and Ukraine. There are civil wars in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Yemen. There are drug wars in Mexico – the list goes on.

The British liver trust states that since 1970, liver-related deaths have increased by 400%. Liver-related demise will overtake heart disease in the coming years. 

Liver disease is already the third leading cause of premature death in the UK. 90% of liver disease is preventable. A diagnosis of liver issues often comes too late for lifestyle changes or interventions.

Do you see the correlation between the state of the planet and liver disease? Do you see the need for steps towards a healthier liver? I do.

“Yet, you do not need to be obese or a regular drinker to have a sluggish liver.”

Modern Lifestyle In Our World:

When your liver is compromised, you lose the ability to think clearly. You hold on to emotions (especially anger and depression), which you may not be able to release. Chinese medicine sees the liver as the centre of anger/depression. If the liver is not working correctly, it becomes a catch 22 situation – to let go of emotions or heal the liver – which comes first?

A modern lifestyle of stress, poor diet and lack of exercise combine as the culprits for liver complications. Yet, you do not need to be obese or a regular drinker to have a sluggish liver. 

The liver stores toxins to keep us safe. It can only release them in top condition. The older we get, the more toxic build-up we may have, and the liver has even more work to do. 

“Ask yourself, could they all be related to the health of my liver?”

What If?

My local medical practitioner tells me that women often suffer liver disease more than men. What if your hot flashes are not a cause of menopause – just an overworked liver shouting for help? What if everything we know about hormones and this stage of life requires re-thinking/re-learning?

If the liver is the centre for cleansing the body, could our midlife itchy skin, hair loss and bloating also be liver warning signs to make changes? Think of all the ailments you may have right now; sleep issues, backache, tiredness, SAD, anxiety/depression, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, leaky gut, etc. Ask yourself, could they all be related to the health of my liver?

Is Your Liver Struggling? A Simple Way to Know:

There is a simple way to know if your liver is struggling. Find a tape measure and measure your height. Write the information down and divide the number by two. Then measure your waist and write this down. A person with a healthy liver will have a waist number less than the divided height number. 

“Seek medical advice now before any symptoms show.”

WARNING – The method above is a general rule of thumb. As we are all unique, it does not replace regular blood tests (the best method for highlighting liver concerns at this moment in time). 

The good news is that the liver is so clever – it can often repair itself if given space. Seek medical advice now before any symptoms show. Even with good measured results and clean tests, there is no harm in giving your liver a bit of love. 

Liver Love:

What if we all took the spring season as a time to give our livers the love they deserve? What if we made the Spring season a liver-love-fest and focused on a supporting food/exercise/sleep regime for this peacemaking organ? 

Moreover, by making just a few simple changes, we can put a spring in our steps – literally. Instead of pizzas and burgers, a glass of Chardonnay or even healthy fats such as avocado and nut bread, we can tune into mother nature’s abundance.  

“Modern-day humans have forgotten that we are still part of nature.”

Spring is the time of bitter greens, (Arugula, spinach, kale, dandelion, sprouts, Brussel sprouts). Spring is the time to clear the gut for the coming year.

The ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used dandelion root each Spring to flush toxins from the bloodstream and help digestive and liver function. Modern-day humans have forgotten that we are still part of nature. 

7 Spring Steps Towards A Healthy Liver:

Below are seven steps you can focus on this Spring. Take note of how you feel daily, how your midlife symptoms change, and your anger/depression reduces. 

  1. Hydrate at all times – no excuses
  2. Eat more fruit. At least one apple a day will keep the doctor away (and provides your liver with the natural sugars it needs to function and cleanse)
  3. Increase bitter green leaves – Period
  4. Relax and reduce stress
  5. Exercise – stroll out in nature and watch her magic unfold. (No need for adrenalin sports as they only add stress)
  6. Choose food wisely. Avoid good fat (avocados, nuts and seeds) before lunch to give space for the liver to cleanse. Pass totally on pork, lamb, dairy, eggs, coffee and alcohol
  7. Sleep for 8 hours

We would love you to share your own liver story here. It is time to change the world, and the change begins inside of you. Simples.

(For those who love to learn, check out Anthony Willams’ – Liver Rescue book here. 

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Kay Newton

About the Author:

Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

Kay’s books include: 

Today, Kay lives a simple life next to a beach in Mallorca, Spain. You can find Kay here: www.KayNewton.com.