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7 Things To Make My “Don’t Do It” List This Year

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Connection Kuel Category Expert: Kay Newton

2022 will be my 7th decade on the planet.

I may have learned many lessons along the way, yet the most relevant today is that the older I get, the less space or patience I have. My “don’t have time for list” gets longer and longer. I have begun a “Don’t Do It” list.

I am excited about my new role as the Graceful Crone. The keyword is GRACE – I have much to practice. Below, you will find a few simple January examples of things I am no longer willing to find time for. 

No, nope, just no! There is nothing else to say on the topic, although I have a word of the Year – Coddiwomple. I will let you look it up.

Nod your head if you agree.

“Instead, meet me in my heart and I will follow you to the moon and back.”

1. Inbox Spam:

If you are going to sell me a life-changing program or MLM scheme costing a mere $10,000, at least have the decency to connect with me on a personal level. Why not reach out and start a one-on-one conversation? Ask me where I am in my life. Would such an offer be of interest? Is there something else that would suit me better? 

NOT connecting on a personal level puts you on the unsubscribe pile. I call it ‘Marketing sex on the first date’ – don’t do it. Instead, meet me in my heart and I will follow you to the moon and back.

2. January Sales:

We have just been through the consumerism mangle of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Here in Spain, we also had Kings (5th Jan). Now you want me to commit to buying more? 

Sorry, living a simple life means I buy when I want something. Items are carefully selected to avoid plastic, toxic, or unethical material. Smaller/local companies with circular economies are favored over large companies.

Push me further, and I may be challenged to spend 2022 buying nothing new. That will certainly mess with the economy. Does anyone want to join me for the challenge?

“There is not enough clothing to NOT wear everything within the year.”

3. The Wardrobe:

Connected to the January sales above, you have probably heard the advice – if not worn it for a year, throw it out. I share my wardrobe space with my husband. We have 30 clothes hangers (18/12 – guess who has the most?) There is not enough clothing to NOT wear everything within the year. 

Yet, there comes a time in your life when you feel like a change of image. At the moment, it is a thought, a spark. I have not shared it anywhere before – unless I talk in my sleep. Well, of course I just shared it here.

Somehow Google and Facebook know. They have been reading my mind since November. I love blue and turquoise, my go-to colors. Yet every advert appearing on my screen is orange, a size 0 and for those aged 16. Thoughts, please?

4. Relationships:

I get excited about connecting with new people and having meaningful conversations. I want to be pushed and challenged in life. There is much to unlearn, much to change in the world. I have met some amazing women through the internet and had the excitement of meeting some in person. My lightbulb and goose pimple moments.

If the conversation becomes one-sided, we are done. If it is full of negativity or media renditions of reported truths – done too. I want to hear you have delved deep into a topic and made your own decisions. Also, you love everyone for making their own decisions too. Please be excited about the new world we are heading towards. We may have no clue about the future but it has to be fun going there. Simples.

5. My Husband:

I love my husband dearly. I wanted to mention him here (to see if you are still reading!) Also, to remember that life is short. Now is not the time to moan and groan at him – there may not be a tomorrow. 

“Now is not the time to moan and groan at him – there may not be a tomorrow.”

We have been married for 29 years. After all this time, if he cannot remember where things go in the kitchen, he-is-not-going-to-remember this year either. 

The best way to organize my 60th birthday event is to take charge or be happy with a gift card. If sex is in the cards at 4 pm – say yes! Simples. 


6. Additional Things I’ve Run Out Of Time For:

  • Cities – I feel trapped and suffocated. I love being in nature, grounded on the earth of this awesome planet. 
  • People who call me ‘the trash lady’ or smokers who leave their cigarette butts on ‘my’ beaches. I love to help mother nature by picking up plastic and repurposing it into art. There is nothing trashy about that.
  • People who do not read. Words flow through my fingers, I may not be a laureate, yet I love the thought that perhaps just one word can change a life. Yet, you, the reader, have to be willing to read it. 
  • Surly restaurant staff, over priced average food, and no chocolate on the menu. You will find me at home creating homemade delicious healthy food and eating dark chocolate. 

I have a feeling this list is going to get longer over the year. 

7. Me:

how do you want to simplify your life this year?

This section may have been better at the top of the page. Yet I placed it here as a reminder to all, including myself. We only live this life once. I do not have time to miss out on all the things I yearn to do. It is time to kick my ass into shape. 

Anytime I find myself speaking negatively, making excuses, or being lazy is THE time to hug myself full of love. To make space and ask me, is this something I want with all my heart, body and soul? If not, Adios!

Now that I have written this post, I can confirm that in 2022 life will be simple. Let me ask you – how do you want to simplify your life this year? Do you have a “Don’t do it” list? Share your thoughts or a personal story in the comments below. You could be the catalyst for next month’s post. 

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About the Author:

Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

Kay’s books include: 

Today, Kay lives a simple life next to a beach in Mallorca, Spain. You can find Kay here: www.KayNewton.com.