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A Belief Is A Thought On Repeat

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event with a group of women that I know from the Clubhouse chat-only social app.

One of the gifts I received from one of the participants of this Ultimate Creators Workshop was an offer to participate in a seven day “self-help” program. For those of you who know me well, stop rolling your eyes.

I can come across as someone who has her $H!T together. Confident, powerful, opinionated, always with my hand raised…. I can present as fearless, sure, and calm. Not gonna lie, I like this about me.

For those of you who have been following my skydiving accident journey, you’ve probably seen a shift in me already. While I cannot imagine choosing to break my back in the skydive Landing From Hell, I am grateful for the gift. Far more enlightenment, understanding, and self-forgiveness have come my way in the last six weeks than any other period of time in my life.

My pre-accident self would have thanked Bethany, the woman who invited me, for her generosity and then summarily given an excuse or explanation about the many reasons I would not be joining. 

This Time, I Chose Differently. I Said “Yes.”

Early in the week — I believe it was day two — I heard Bethany say “A belief is a thought you’ve had on repeat.”

It gave me pause…

Then this simple yet life-changing principle hit me. Yes, our brain will follow our lead. Whatever we are saying to ourselves, with enough repetition — we will start to BELIEVE. Whatever we focus our attention on gets the power in our life.

Not sure how that’s landing for all of you… But for me it was a deafening blast. Maybe this is old news to all you incredible Kuel women; to me it was mind blowing. 

Here, let me write it again… “A belief is a thought you’ve had on repeat.”

We can go down the rabbit hole, if we choose, and lament the years we’ve spent believing something unintentionally. We can grieve the years we’ve wasted on negative beliefs, certain that somehow these principles are hard-wired or passed onto us from family and friends. Or on the bright side, acknowledge and realize that we can literally RE-DECIDE at any second. We can begin telling ourselves a new story.

We are limited only by our imagination. Which means we own the key to our happiness. How’s that for POWER?

Instead of using our creativity to keep ourselves small, unseen, unsuccessful, we can dream up our perfect life. Once we’ve dreamed it, we can implement it. With enough repetition, our perfect life begins to unfold.

Whatever we think leads to self-perpetuating cycles. We all know the adage “it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.” I think we can all agree that self-fulfilling prophecies can bring us to both good and bad thoughts and behaviors. So why not choose good?

When we believe something about ourselves, we are more likely to act in ways that correspond to our beliefs, thus reinforcing our beliefs and encouraging the same behavior.

If we believe ourselves to be successful, we will feel successful and begin to behave like we are a success which will lead to us believing we are a success.

Changing Limiting Beliefs:

Are you thinking, “Well, how do I start changing a limiting belief?”

  1. Look for and find evidence to the contrary. Make note of those times when the belief was proven false. Realizing that there are exceptions can remind us that our limiting belief isn’t always true.
  2. Challenge your beliefs. Choose to behave against the limiting belief. The more we successfully step out of we comfort zone, the better chance we have to erase that belief and replace it with something positive and useful.
  3. Be patient. Like anything new in life, it takes practice. We can train our brains to better serve us. We just need time and consistency. 

If this little nugget, “A belief is a thought you’ve had on repeat,” gave you the same kind of pause it gave me, I invite you to go on this journey.

An Incredible Opportunity:

Luckily, for us, Bethany is a Kuel Life Member and is willing to run a special seven days of “SHIFT” — just for our Community. Beginning on October 10th, you can take this life-affirming, life-changing class. And as an exclusive for Kuel Life Members, we have TWO opportunities to WIN a gift. We are giving away a Kuel Life logo-wear shirt or yoga pants (your choice) and a VIP Pass to the Big Life U live course ($2397 value). Space is limited, so mark your calendars and sign-up. 

And as far as the “self-help” eye rolling goes? Let me just say that it’s more eyes wide open. Seeing clearly feels good.

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6 thoughts on “A Belief Is A Thought On Repeat

  1. Ruthann says:

    This SHIFT program is literally life changing. I don’t know who needs to read this, but Bethany’s powerful insights will ignite in you the positive change you know (or maybe don’t know but desperately want) can happen. It’s time. Do this for you. Because you deserve the best life possible. And it all starts with your mind and your beliefs.

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