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A Great Way To Work Your Glutes!

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Master trainer, Elaine, from CoreStrength50Plus, shares with all us KUEL women a really amazing way to strengthen and tighten our glute (butt) muscles.
She is showing the exercise here with a Freeform Board and is using a combination of a side and diagonal lunge. If you don’t have a Freeform Board, she suggests using a towel on a slippery surface or exercise slides. Heck, you can use a piece of a cardboard box or moving sliders – if you have them.
Elaine, explains that you need to see the toes of your starting foot throughout the exercise. This proper form will ensure you don’t aggravate your knees. Make sure you sit back into your butt and that your back is long. In this video she uses hand-held weights, but she assures us that if we have a balance issue we can drop the weights and use a chair or wall for balance.
Click on the video below for a look. And, follow Elaine’s Instagram feed for additional fantastic advice on health and exercise.

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