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A Perfect Fit For Two Kuel Life Members

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I love a great connection story.

Becky Kueker, Retirement Kuel Category Expert, and Lisa Schmitz, Marketing Executive of The Walking Cradles Company met last Fall at FierceCon LA.
Becky, who is an accomplished retired executive turn novelist, has a busy schedule as a National Speaker. Her first book, Hiding In My Pajamas is a non-traditional, fun approach to planning for retirement. Her follow-up book, A Classic In Clown Shoes, lets us in on Becky’s ‘come back’ at age 75. Yes, you read that correctly. Having to start over after a complicated surgery and long recovery, Becky fought depression and won. Her book is filled with poignant stories from women and men who have proven that aging does not have to define you and that laughter changes everything!

As a touring national speaker, Becky is expected to be ‘ON’ her feet for many hours all the whilst dressed elegantly. That can take its toll on anyone.

How did this ‘Perfect Fit’ come into being?
I invited Becky to join my Kuel Life Party last Fall at the FierceCon event. Always ready to jump in to something new and exciting, Becky said ‘YES’. It was there we both met Lisa from The Walking Cradles.

Lisa’s company makes the most amazing shoes….some incredible blend of super kuel style and comfort. We met Lisa at FierceCon, as she was part of the team of sponsors and her Orleans shoe was the OFFICIAL weekend wear. Both Becky and I fell in love with Walking Cradles shoes – and their fearless leader, Lisa.
What follows is the best part. Becky now travels all over the place, standing for hours, giving speeches wearing WALKING CRADLES! How kuel is that?!?
I encourage you to read Becky’s most current blog post for Walking Cradles. It will give you incredible insight into just how perfectly blended (fit, comfort & style) these shoes are.
If you are inspired to purchase a pair or two for yourself, you can jump over to Walking Cradles and shop.

I ask you use my BRAND NEW referral link… YES; I have accepted a Brand Ambassador position with Walking Cradles (that’s how much I love these shoes). The link is https://walkingcradles.com/kuellife

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