Kuel Life normalizes aging for women via meaningful, curated content and women-driven brands.


In my 50s, I began to notice the ‘disappearing act’ of relevant, useful, information and opportunities for women my age. Outside of a barrage of marketing messages that we should be using botox, fillers, or cut our hair short; there didn’t seem to be much. Vibrant, energetic, at the ready for adventure, I was dismayed that most lifestyle websites target the ‘below 35’ age group. The few ‘age appropriate’ lifestyle websites I stumbled across were riddled with advertisements; making it near impossible to determine where the content ended and the marketing began. Enter Kuel Life.

Kuel Life delivers relevant, curated, content to women 45+. We share and empower each other with expert advice and stories from real women; women who are our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family. Women to whom we can relate. A virtual space where women come together in community and share our voice and experiences.

The Kuel Shop’s mission is to find, select, and showcase WOMEN-DRIVE brands. Founder and CEO, Jacqueline (Jack) Perez hand selects the products; creating an opportunity for us all to shop ‘small’, even online. When you buy an item from the Kuel Shop you weave yourself into that woman entrepreneur’s storyline; you become part of the fabric of women empowering women. Purchase with a purpose; Shop Kuel.

The Founder

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Jacqueline Perez (Jack)

Jack founded Kuel Life in 2017. Through her platform, Perez champions change, redefining modern midlife for women through curated content and women-driven brands. The Kuel Life Community grows daily. With over 50 Kuel Category Experts and 38 women-driven brand, Kuel Life offers women an opportunity to ‘Share, Learn, Shop, and Play with Our Second Act Sisters! Previously, she spent 20 years at Summit Strategy Partners, a San Francisco-based marketing and public relations firm, where she was a founding partner. Jack brings extensive, deep, start-up experience; having worked with numerous small to midsize companies. She is excited to finally birth her own start-up. Having earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, Perez carries a hard-nosed business understanding to the entrepreneur world. She is fluent in Spanish, and having worked with multiple international firms, has a clear grasp on cross-cultural influences. Jack’s passions include: spending time with her son, traveling to exotic, off-the-beaten-path places such as; Cuba, Jordan, Zambia, Bolivia, and Zanzibar. An endorphin junkie, Jack is an avid jump roper, Peloton-fanatic, and a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

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Kuel Contributors

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does the name KUEL LIFE come from?

When we thought about what we wanted the site to offer, we referred to our founding principles.

Do I have to be 45+ to enjoy the site?

No. You can support women-owned brands at ANY age. It’s a great place to find gifts for the people you love and make a difference – Purchase with a Purpose. However, the content is really focused on women 45+, so if you have a family member or friend in that age demographic please share Kuel Life with them.

Do I have to be a member to access the site?

Both non-members and members can access our site. Members, however, can interact with other members and access the Kuel Life Category Experts with questions. There is some content available ONLY to members. In addition, some Kuel Life Category Experts will host ‘office hours’ for Kuel Life members. In addition members get a 10% discount in the Kuel Shop! The BEST part? Since Kuel Life has NO ADVERTISING; all your information remains PRIVATE, unlike other social media platforms.

What are the benefits of membership?

Benefits of Membership are as follow:

  1. Access to ‘behind the scenes’ platform where you can ask questions, post ideas, reach out to other members and our Kuel Life Category Experts.
  2. The member platform is only visible to other members in the community. All your information is kept inside the community.
  3. Because Kuel Life is an ADVERTISING FREE platform, fully supported through our members, none of your questions; musings; concerns; or advice gets ‘sold’ to advertisers. (i.e. if you are concerned about vaginal dryness, you won’t see a ‘lube’ product pop up in your online world, unless of course you mention it on ‘other’ social media sites.)
  4. Some content, such as but not limited to valuable eBooks published in conjunction with our experts, are for members only.
  5. Access to ‘Office Hours’ hosted by our Kuel Category Experts.
  6. A 10% discount in the Kuel Shop!