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A one-on-one nutrition coaching that is done remotely.

A nutritional philosophy centered around macronutrients and one’s relationship with food. Focusing on the physiology of macronutrient requirements in one’s body along with the psychological component of ‘Why?’. Focusing on our current habits and how we can improve the quality of our food-centered choices. The term “Flexible Dieting” is often used because food choices are up to the individual, so long as they stay within their allotted macro count. AIM works because it is real life. It isn’t filled with mythical shakes or deprivation strategies that momentarily produce short term goals. AIM focuses on real food, education around the foods an individual should be taking in and the amounts of those foods so that a body is working at its ultimate capacity. Focusing on eating habits that provide satiety without making one feel deprived and wanting to give up.

what AIM offers

What AIM Nutrition Offers

A  one on one partnership, support system, guidance, and education that fosters an improved relationship with food. Nutrition Coaching that provides you the tools to continue to live a healthy lifestyle long after your time spent with AIM Nutrition Coaching. Who are you? Let your coach know who you are through a self-reflection questionnaire. We […]


3 month program

$ 130/3 month minimum

In this 3 month program, you will:

  • Commit to a season of self-improvement and a greater knowledge of the foods you consume.
  • Build awareness, skills, and confidence for making nourishing habit changes.
  • Collaborate with a professional to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle
  • Achieve short term and long term goals through mindful practice


Amy has the ability to make you believe you are capable of more than you thought possible. Her confident, no-nonsense attitude leaves you feeling challenged yet inspired. If you are someone who listens a little too closely to the voice in your head telling you “I can’t,” AIM Nutrition Coaching is for you.


Amy is such an inspiration and so good at motivating and knowing what you need both physically and emotionally. Her advice even during times when that last thing you want to do is eat healthy, is motivating and her method gets you back on track and keeps you there. She understands that life is life and she is incredibly talented at making life a little easier. This is something Amy was clearly born to do, she’s amazing!


Whatever your goal may be, you want Amy in your corner! She is one in a million. She pushed me, supported me, kicked my booty, but mostly she was all heart & dedication! I can’t wait to come back and train with her again!!


Amy has been one of the strongest people I know who has held me accountable and kept my head above the water. Adjusting your food and life choices is one of the hardest things I’ve have ever done. She is an amazing person and coach and has helped me lose almost 50lbs in less then a year! Thank you Amy and look forward to seeing your passion grow.


I can’t express how grateful I am to Amy for teaching me the things about Food that I wish my Mom would have taught me, no disrespect to my mom, she is awesome just not with food. I look and feel better in my body at 45, almost 46, than I ever have. Even the last time I was about this size, I didn’t feel this healthy because I had not lost it the right way and was basically starving my body. I started this journey at the end of May 2017 and here I am about 9 months and 40+ pounds later… Thank you Amy and AIM Nutrition for teaching me the way of Food. I will be eternally grateful for what you have done for me and my self-esteem.


My nutrition journey began with AIM 25 weeks ago. I have struggled with being self-conscious and insecure since a young age, never feeling content with my body. My husband, Justin, encouraged me to reach out to AIM Nutrition for support and guidance nearly 6 months ago in hopes that we could begin to evolve our eating habits and create a healthier lifestyle for our family. Since that time, working individually with Amy has given me tools on how to lose weight, while also fueling my body for exercise and roles of being a wife, mother, and employee.


Amy gets to know you with an in depth questionnaire that probes who you are, what your goals are, where you come from and where you want to go!! The weekly check-ins further flush out the good, bad and ugly!! Her advice was always spot on with me because she understood me from the get go, because she took the time to understand me as a person and my relationship with food. If I hemmed and hawed about something in my check-in she would reply with the perfect solution to whatever I was unsure of expressing! In 12 short weeks of starting with AIM I lost my last layer and have absolutely found that body that I ALWAYS knew was inside me!!


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