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Are Legacies Required? Kay Newton Opens Up On Kuel Life

Kay Newton Spotlight Interview

Kay Newton is an expat living in Mallorca, Spain. Kay emboldens women to simplify and connect in midlife and beyond.

Kay has been on the Kuel Life Thought Leader roster since the early days. She shares her insights, tips, and advice on how to simplify and connect while on this life’s path. From picking up rubbish on the beaches of Spain and turning it into art, to cooking without electricity, to wearing a single dress for 100 straight days, Kay is always challenging herself to live by her own rules.

If you’ve been following Kay’s journey here on Kuel Life or her Facebook Community – Midlife Strategies – Simplifying Life At 50+, you’ll appreciate this insight into what makes Kay tick. Oh, and why she even bothers to be part of the Kuel Life Thought Leader roster. If you don’t know Kay, do yourself a favor – get to know her. You’ll be glad you did.

A Little Insight Into Kay Newton:

1. What makes me feel alive? 

Kay: Mother nature, the mountains and the sea. She inspires in everything she does.

2. What habits, patterns, or beliefs are my greatest assets? 

Kay: Organizing, simplifying things, determination and I believe every day is a gift no matter what. 

Comfort Zones:

3. What boundaries work for me. Are there any I need to rethink?

Kay: Sensibly Selfish time. It is always placed in the diary and is a sacred space. This can be five minutes alone or a whole week!

4. What gives me energy and how do I energize other people?

Kay: Nature gives me energy, the sun moon, sea, and mountains. I energize others by making them feel comfortable and then nudging them to move their comfort zones.

“Nature gives me energy, the sun moon, sea, and mountains.”

5. What is really most important to me?

Kay: Every day I work at being a better version of myself which in turn aids others to do the same.

6. How do I create joy for myself?

Kay: Putting on the radio and dancing, creating delicious dishes, writing, solving something, being with friends and family, and helping others less fortunate.

7. How can I keep on evolving?

Kay: Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I will give it my best shot if I am privileged enough to see it.

Are Legacies Required?

8. What legacy do I want to leave behind?

Kay: Do I have to want to leave a legacy? My kids are my legacy and also if I can persuade just one more person to live a simpler life, to ditch mental and physical baggage I will be happy.

9. Here are my top three PROAGING tips? This is how I “proage” in today’s world.

“I met this crazy woman online and immediately knew we were sistas”


  • Always read the labels, most anti-aging potions are poison.
  • Don’t give a F*** what anybody else thinks or says, do it anyway.
  • Make friends with death and then you will have space to live.

10. Why am I Kuel Life Thought Leader?

Kay: Because I met this crazy woman online and immediately knew we were sistas on the same path to enlighten others. It has been quite a ride!

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