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Art’s Untold Story: The Artists Left Behind

Jacks Smack 052823

A couple of nights ago, as I was mindlessly moving through my bedtime routine, a revelation struck me like a lightning bolt, filling me with a strange mix of awe and melancholy. 

As I waited between applications of my various and sundry face serums, lotions, and creams I glanced around at the art on my walls. It suddenly hit me, out of nowhere, that the individual who created these masterpieces never gets to see them again. In an instant, I felt a twinge of sadness overcome me. These artists, who pour their hearts and souls into their work, bid it farewell forever. If they’re lucky enough to make a sale.

Now, before you roll your eyes and accuse me of overthinking, let me explain. Picture this: an artist, paintbrush in hand, delicately strokes the canvas, channeling their passion and creativity into every stroke. Hours turn into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months as they painstakingly create a masterpiece that will undoubtedly leave the world breathless. Finally, after putting their heart and soul into their creation, they let it go, never to lay eyes on it again. 

Art As Reminders:

I felt a surge of happiness as my eyes absorbed the swirl of color emanating from one of my favorite pieces”

My particular penchant for art happens to include a fair number of pieces from friends or travel experiences. I surround myself with visages that elicit joy and remind me of people I love and places I have had the good fortune to visit. 

That evening, I felt a surge of happiness as my eyes absorbed the swirl of color emanating from one of my favorite pieces – an encaustic painting of a geisha. And just as quickly, the bittersweet realization that its creator will never lay eyes upon her again awashed my being. Knowing how happy the geisha makes me, I instantly felt sad for her creator.

Not an artist myself, I have my own perception of what that creative process may actually be like. In my mind, the artist, like a maestro, orchestrates their artistic vision, weaving colors, shapes, and emotions together into a harmonious tapestry. They infuse their work with fragments of their essence, experiences, and perspectives, pouring themselves into every brushstroke. It’s an intimate dance between the artist and their creation, like a lover’s embrace, birthing a beautiful singular expression.

Letting Go:

I am not suggesting that we should launch a global art retrieval program so that these talented souls can feast their eyes on their progeny”

Then they wrap it in metaphorical swaddling clothes and release it into the world, never to gaze upon its wondrous beauty again. It’s like watching your child venture out into the great unknown, hoping that they find their way, but never knowing for certain.

Now, let me be clear—I am not suggesting that we should launch a global art retrieval program so that these talented souls can feast their eyes on their progeny. That would be absurd! But oh, how delightful it would be to witness the sheer joy on an artist’s face as they encounter their creation in all its glory as if welcoming home a missing son. I imagine the artist walking into my home, their eyes scanning the walls until they stumble upon their artwork. A rush of emotions would surely wash over them—pride, satisfaction. 

The pieces that surround me, speak to my soul and make my heart dance. How marvelous it would be for the artist to witness firsthand the impact their creation has on me, daily. 

Appreciate Artists Everywhere:

So, my fellow art enthusiasts, let us take a moment to appreciate the artists who share their talent with us, knowing that they will never witness the full extent of the joy and wonder their work brings. Let us celebrate their willingness to let go, to release their artistic offspring into the world, trusting that it will find its place and touch the hearts of those who encounter it.

And next time you find yourself captivated by a piece of art, remember that behind every stroke, every color choice, and every hidden detail, there is an artist who created something extraordinary, only to say goodbye and never look back. It’s a poignant reminder that life, like art, is a transient masterpiece, meant to be cherished at the moment and released with love.

Let us embrace the profound miracle of birth that lies within each piece. Let us honor the artists who, like loving parents, birth their creations and release them into the world. May we forever be grateful for the art that surrounds us and the artists who, in their selfless act of creation, gift us a glimpse of the sublime.

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