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Always On Alert – Your Brain On Stress

Brain Health Kuel Category Expert: Patricia Faust, MGS Patricia Faust is a gerontologist specializing in the issues of brain aging, brain health, brain function and dementia. She has a Masters in Gerontological Studies degree from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. Her latest eBook gives us workable solutions for when we are caught in a chronic […]

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Socially Acceptable Weight Gain

Retirement Kuel Category Expert & Author: Becky Kueker More than 15 years ago I had a mild heart attack. Mind you at the time it did not seem mild but that is what the doctor said so I acquiesced to her definition. What caused this attack was plain and simple: over eating and stress. Of […]

My Quiet Struggle To Prove My Worthiness – Maribel, 48

Maribel’s story resonates deeply with me. She is a first generation Mexican-American who grew up with one foot in each of two worlds: her Mexican and her birthplace, culture. Maribel rose way above her ‘status’ of a child of immigrants, and has created a successful productive life. She could have left it at that. It’s […]


BurnOut Kuel Category Expert: Liza Baker In January, we took a look at why burnout is endemic in the nonprofit world, and in April, we detoured a bit to talk about the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on our stress levels. But what exactly are stress and burnout? We toss those words around pretty freely, […]

How To Roast Vegetables

Food Kuel Category Expert: Janet Neustedter Phytonutrients, is that what you said? Phytonutrient is a fancy word to describe the natural minerals and compounds found in plants. The colors of the rainbow, in vegetables, all help our immune system to stay healthy.  It is a very symbiotic relationship between food and our bodies, and the […]

Tackle The Big Picture – Piece By Piece

Career Kuel Category Expert: Gayle Petrillo It’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially given all that our country is experiencing. The pandemic has created isolation for so many of us. And, as we start to venture out, we have a new term and way of socializing – social distancing. Some of us added home-schooling our kids […]

Car Maintenance 101: 5 Life-Saving Tricks Ladies Should Know

We’re surrounded by helpful tech and different software solutions that simplify our daily lives to a great extent. There’s an app for practically anything you envision, be it ordering food, checking your skincare routine, all the way to buying clothes and books. Alas, we still need to learn different skills to take great care of […]

You Choose How Young You Are – Lisa, 57

Lisa Gates is our Kuel Life Expert on Care Giving. We have more than 45 million caregivers right now in the US alone. The average age is 49 and they are predominantly women. This topic is incredibly relevant and critical for our Community of women. We are lucky to have Lisa on board sharing her […]

Sensational Summer Sandals

Fashion Kuel Category Expert: Kathrine Eldridge We are smack dab in the middle of summer so there is no better time to get your chic sandal game on. I don’t care how amazing your clothes look; if you don’t have the right shoes to complement them. Sensational summer sandals are the icing on the cake […]