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Interesting New Skin Care From Mostly Newer Brands

Some Interesting New Skin Care From Mostly Newer Brands

Beauty Expert: Elise Marquam-Jahns One of the most exciting things to me right now in the beauty industry is the proliferation of new brands. There are many small, independent beauty […]

Wellness Wednesday Kuel Life Breath Series: Part Eight

smile breath

Mindful Breathing Category Expert: Nancy Candea Today we present Smile Breath in our Wellness Wednesday Mindful Breathing Series. Nancy Candea walks us through it in this video. Nancy’s series, on […]

Are You Ready To Have Your Heart Awakened?

Are Your Ready To Have Your Heart Awakened?

Sexuality Expert: Beth Keil Heart Break. Songs, movies, books, and advice columns have been dedicated to it. You even die of a broken heart. Recently, an astrologer wrote about the […]

Having A Fashion Crisis In Middle Age?

Being In The Middle Age And Having Fashion Styles

Lifestyle Kuel Category Expert: Nina Anders I think I was around 55 when I realized I was “middle age”. This whole middle age thing seems a sliding scale. Some women […]

Meditation Monday: Surrender Control


Gratitude Expert: Lori Saitz This Meditation Monday: Surrender This meditation is about surrendering. Not in terms of giving up, but as in letting go of control. What if you surrendered […]