Do You Suffer From Genitourinary Syndrome Of Menopause?

Genitourinary Syndrome

Pelvic Floor: Kim Vopni As we approach and move beyond menopause our hormone levels fluctuate. And eventually, decline to a point where we notice significant changes in our bodies. “They […]

What To Do With Digital Assets In A Divorce

digital assets in divorce

Divorce and Transitions: Mardi Winder-Adams Today, most couples have a significant number of digital assets. “Digital assets can be stored on a computer, personal smartphone, tablet, or cloud storage platform.” […]

Did I Make A Faustian Bargain Or Am I Just Over 50?

Faustian bargain

I think I may have accidentally made a Faustian bargain this week. Those of us who live in the United States just celebrated Thanksgiving. This day typically marks the beginning […]

Is It OK To Build Personal Relationships At Work?

work relationship

Career Kuel Thought Leader: Gayle Petrillo I’ve written for Kuel Life for about three years now. Jack, my boss, recently visited. “During her stay, we shared professional and personal experiences.” […]

How A Month-Long Sabbatical Brought Me Business


Gratitude Thought Leader: Lori Saitz “A month-long sabbatical? You’re taking off a whole month?” “Yes, yes I am.”  “And you’re taking the cat on a road trip?”  “Yup, 19-year-old Panther […]