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Best Beauty & Fashion Gifts For 2022!

Gail Scott Images December 2022

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

It’s the time of the year when we will be taxing our brains to come up with the perfect gift for our loved ones.

Let me help you with my list of Beauty & Fashion Gifts for 2022!

15 Beauty & Fashion Gifts For 2022!


These are HOT this season! (Do they ever really go out of style?) A staple for the accessory collection, these classics come in every shape, color, and style. A nice pair of 14Kt gold or sterling silver hoops belongs in every girl’s drawer. Choose the perfect pair based on her coloring and the size of earrings you usually see her wearing. Warm skin tones usually look best in gold, cool skin tones in silver, but olive tones can often wear both. You can even find versions for non-pierced ears.


Blow outs for your hair can be such a luxury. Give a gift card for her to have an indulgent experience or to get prepped for a special event. Ask locals or take to social media to find the best local salon.

“It sounds like a small thing, but it revolutionized my space.”


Yes, slippers are a common holiday gift, but why not take their slipper game up a notch? Some options feature formed footbeds, wool fabrics, and stylish details. I’m a big fan of the Fitflop brand, well known for comfortable sandals. 

Temperature-Reducing Fabrics:


PJs are one of those items we can most always use. Today’s options include temperature-reducing fabrics that will be welcomed by middle-aged women enduring hot flashes. Check out brands like SOMA and Lusome to treat her to the latest styles in these high-tech garments.


An organized closet is something we all crave, but we often don’t get around to making it happen. One of the first steps to getting my closet in order was to convert to all felt hangers. It sounds like a small thing, but it revolutionized my space. Clothing stays on them better than other hangers, they don’t make stretched places on the shoulders of sweaters, they rarely get tangled with each other, and they give you much more closet space. The gift of enough to transform an entire closet would rock her world.


This foot care line makes keeping your feet soft and smooth a breeze! These specially developed foot files are a step up from pumice stones and the like. They remove calluses without taking off too much skin. Included in your order are a storage case and cleaning sponges, as well as a moisturizing balm. They also make a version for your hands if you get calluses from exercise. Shop here and use code MOXIE15 to save, https://www.sandbarhandcare.com/



My family was gifted wool socks years ago and fell in love. The comfort, the temperature control, and the durability made us big fans. SmartWool is our preferred brand and they make styles from ankle-length to full-length boot socks. My husband loves their running socks too. 

8. A WRAP:

A nice wrap is a must for me. I don’t love coats, they are restrictive and cumbersome to carry when you take them off, and my climate doesn’t often require them. But I love having a wrap to throw on when I need a little warmth. I enjoy taking mine to dinner and the movies and often wind up using it across my lap or like a blanket. Choose one in a neutral color and luxurious fabric to suit her tastes.


Great jeans are hard to come by, and a great pair can be an investment. Give her a gift card to get some high-end jeans from a retailer like Universal Standard or Good American.

“Choose one in a neutral color and luxurious fabric to suit her tastes.”


Who needs an iron? A good clothing steamer will serve her well for both her wardrobe and her household. If she has a good one already, think about a travel-sized version.

Favorite Gifts:


This sport is taking over America. It’s a fun game that almost anyone can play. Gift her with paddles and balls to get the fun started. If she is already a player, consider shoes, a cute court outfit, or an upgraded paddle. Indoor and outdoor balls make great stocking stuffers.


The services of a personal stylist can reduce her stress of putting together a workable wardrobe. Women love having someone shop for them and help them put together a closet that makes getting dressed easy. A good stylist can help her save money and time, while increasing her confidence. Two of us at Kuel Life can help you. Book me, Gail Scott, here: or reach out to Debra Schwartz: https://www.crush.style/


Turns out experiences are one of my favorite gifts to receive. For those who have everything and value quality time, there is nothing better. Plan a mother/daughter trip, a multi-generational trip, or a girlfriends’ trip. It’s a great way to connect with those you love. Tickets to concerts, movies, and plays are also fun. 

Gold Star:


This is a unique gift that solves problems. If she likes to listen to music, podcasts, or books while drifting off to sleep, this is a game changer. The bar fits underneath your pillow and the sound is heard only by the person lying on the pillow. I absolutely love mine and it solved the problems of disturbing my husband and waking up with my ears sore from earbuds. GOLD STAR FOR THIS ONE! Shop here.


And if you are buying for a spouse, how about a second wedding band? Many women do not want to wear their original ring to work out, in places where they could be at risk for crime, or when traveling. You might choose a silicone one for exercise, a lovely band that can be an option to their diamond, or a band in a different metal for changing it up.

“Mary Kay’s Satin Lips Set is a customer favorite, including both a sugar scrub and a balm.”

7 Calorie-Free Stocking Stuffers:


Lip treatments are a very popular skin care treatment this year, and cold weather is the perfect time to try a new one. Mary Kay’s Satin Lips Set is a customer favorite, including both a sugar scrub and a balm. Order online @ www.marykay.com/gailscott


Hand cream is almost a necessity for getting through the Winter months. Most women like to have at least one for home and one for her purse or car. Choose a luxurious and sumptuous version that she might not buy for herself. Check out the options from Mary Kay (including unscented), Burt’s Bees, and L’Occitane. (Note: many medical offices require only unscented products to be worn by their staff). 


We are all using it, why not make it nourishing for the hands? The inexpensive alcohol-filled ones will dry your hands out in a flash. Check out the options from Bath & Body Works, Megababe, and Mary Kay.


These socks are one of my new favorite beauty items. They keep occlusive moisturizers on those cracked heels instead of your socks or the sheets with a non-absorbent lining. But since they only cover part of your foot, you don’t wake up with sweaty feet. I have these.

Great Gift For Co-Workers:


Nail strips can be a fun stocking stuffer and lead to a fun girls’ night during the holidays. There are many brands of regular strips, strips that have to be cured by a LED light, and stick on nails. Imagine the girls in the family from young to old gathering around for some manicure fun. Check out options from Dashing Diva & Kiss. Shop here.


Chunk is very on trend right now. Pick up some inexpensive wooden bangles, fun beaded necklaces, or acrylic resin rings in her favorite colors.


What a more unique gift for co-workers? Include items like mints, hand cream, nail files, tinted lip balm, a coffee gift card, etc.

Gift Exchange:


Turning a white elephant gift exchange into a “My Favorite Things” version can be a great way to learn about and experience new products. Instead of a gag gift, have everyone bring their favorite in a certain category, like candles, hand cream, body wash, or leave the category open.

You can also have guests bring small/travel-size versions of one of their favorite things and gift everyone at the gathering. Make sure to leave time for the gifter to explain what they love about the item they bring. Some of my favorite options for these exchanges are:

  • Tyler Brand Candles or Fine Fabric Wash
  • Felt Hangers
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Hand Cream
  • Travel-size skin care
  • Travel-size hair care
  • Socks

I hope that this gives you some great ideas for gifting!

Have a beautiful Christmas, Hannukah, & Kwanzaa Season.

*I may receive a commission if you shop with the links listed.

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail Scott is a 27 year veteran in the skin care and beauty industry, and loves helping women look their best. She specializes in really listening to her clients and teaching them how to get the look that they want, without wasting time, money, or products. Her interest in helping and mentoring women has lead her to a new adventure, MIDLIFE MOXIE, which is a community, lifestyle brand, and podcast all about women making this one of the best seasons of their lives.

She can be contacted at [email protected], and found on IG @gailsscott. The MIDLIFE MOXIE podcast is available on all of the major podcast platforms or at https://midlifemoxie.libsyn.com.