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Work The ‘New’ Room. How To Make The Most Of Our Virtual Business World.

Marketing Kuel Category Expert: Lori Lyons Unless you’ve been living on a deserted Caribbean island with just your dog Lucky for company these past few months, you’ve probably been thinking of creative ways to virtually grow your business. “My secret? Virtual Events.” Most of us have now become Zoommasters and have perfected the art of […]

Why I’ve Decided To Change My Name To Ruth

Sometimes it takes losing something to thoroughly comprehend its full weight and importance. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has ‘always been there’ in my adult life. She, single-handedly made the world a much better place for women. And, men. Championing equal protection under the law for EVERYONE.  “She ‘Worked the System’.” RBG Legacy: Ok, she sneakily used […]

How Will Our Young Adults Create Their Imprint In This Uncertain World?

When we think about all of the changes we go through at midlife, certainly one that many of us have is the ever-evolving relationship change and challenges when our kids become young adults. You think back to those times with matching sweaters, and everyone sitting around the table at holidays, and the memories flip like […]

Cooking Fish Made Easy: Try These Tips

Food Kuel Category Expert: Janet Neustedter Fish can be something that people avoid cooking. “How do I cook fish?” Is a frequent question that I get! Well, cooking fish can be made easy, try these tips. I am going to make it simple for you!! Basically, you want to flavor the fish, right? Here are some […]

Take These 4 Key Actions To Prepare For New Job Market

Career Kuel Category Expert: Gayle Petrillo It may be a new work world when this pandemic is behind us. How so? So many more of us are now telecommuting. Any jobs you seek are also likely to have moved to an online format. It’s so much more efficient. Here I offer 4 key actions you can […]

Do What Leaves You Feeling Good About Yourself – Sandra, 66

Sandra Ann Wallace was introduced to me by a couple of Share Your Story alumni, Jewel Burr and Janice Vitale. Women connecting and collaborating with women is what the Kuel Life Platform is all about. This Sunday we get our wisdom nuggets from Sandra. At 66 she is a retired nurse/teacher/counselor. But Sandra is anything […]

The Early Warning Signs Of Dementia

Elderly Care Kuel Category Expert: Cynthia Perthuis I don’t know about you, but for me, there is nothing scarier, as we age, than the thought of losing my mind. While most of my friends and family think I lost my mind several years ago, I am talking about something a little more serious than making […]

The One Thing I Learned From My Empty Nest: Part Two

Transitions Kuel Category Expert: Nancy Tepper I remember so clearly when my youngest child left for college. Those who have entered the empty nest can relate to the sadness and dread that I felt as the impending moment came upon me. As a stay at home mom, this new chapter filled with free, unstructured time […]

The ‘Under My Roof’ Nest Renovation

It’s fall and many of us are experiencing the first-time empty nest, or the return to school/return home from the pandemic, symptoms.  My nest occupancy has not changed. I still have my son, part-time. From the outside, our nest structure is the same as it was 16 years ago when his Dad and I separated.  […]

How To Create A One Brand Beautiful Drugstore Makeup Look For Older Women

Beauty Kuel Category Expert: Elise Marquam-Jahns I want to share with you today an every-day makeup look for those of us with mature skin. And the best part is that it can be created very inexpensively using just one really good drugstore brand: Physicians Formula. Drugstore Makeup Look For Mature Women: In this article and […]