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My Struggle With The InBetween

I am a person of extremes. With me it’s all or nothing… and, right now the NOTHING is weighing heavily on me. As all my original 2020 travel plans (I know I’m not alone) have been canceled, I struggle with finding something enjoyable that can be experienced within the confines of this flippin’ pandemic. (Which […]

How Easily Do You Share Your Desires?

Sex, Aphrodite Awakening, Kuel Category Expert: Beth Keil  How easy is it for you to tell your lover (past or present) what you need, want, and desire? Are you able to take their hand or mouth and show them, or do you use words, or let your moans let them know what pleasures you? Maybe […]

How To Be The Best Employee

Career Kuel Category Expert: Gayle Petrillo We know we want to work for a boss who is knowledgeable (doesn’t know EVERYTHING), treats everyone fairly, communicates often and is professional. One way to ensure that happens, is to follow the golden rule ourselves, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” Here Are A Few […]

We Have Plenty; The Well Is Full

Connection Kuel Category Expert: Kay Newton Imagine that you are sitting looking down at a deep water well. It is pitch black, a void with no light at all. When you drop in a stone you cannot hear a splash. When you shout into the abyss there is no answer, the sound is swallowed whole. […]

Turning My Pain Into A Force For Good

Maria Olsen and I met at FierceConLA 2019 where we both were speakers on the same panel. Her story captured me immediately and thankfully I was able to convince Maria to participate in my Sunday’s Share Your Story Series.  Now, I am thrilled to introduce Maria Olsen as our most recent woman-driven brand in our […]

Rip Off The Age Label – Karen, 49

I discovered Karen Taylor on Janelle Anderson’s  Facebook Live ‘Featuring Fearless Women’ and immediately resonated with their conversation. Originally, Karen left her safe corporate job to become a consultant but life had a different path for her. In March of 2019, her sister died tragically in a fire. This pivotal moment changed Karen’s life for […]

Knowledge Is Power. Got Boobs? Get Checked.

Kim Friedman Landau, MSW Oncology Social Worker Breast Health Is A Year Long Endeavor Breast cancer is scary. There’s no way around it. Whether you’ve always had a clean mammogram; have had multiple biopsies; or have had to fight cancer; it’s a real threat. Back in November of 2019, Kim Friedman Landau, MSW in Oncology, […]

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Keeping Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Skincare Alive

I had the pleasure to meet Lakshmi when we were both accepted into the NCIDEA Labs program the Summer of 2019. We both went through an intensive four-week program designed to help entrepreneurs take their first steps towards building a successful company. Flash forward a year, and Lakshmi has made her dreams into reality. Please […]

Clients Are Not One Size Fits All

Marketing Kuel Category Expert: Lori Lyons Have you ever tried one of those ‘one size fits all” dresses or tee shirt only to find you are swimming in it – or – even worse – it’s too small? Or you try on “one size fits ‘most’” and you aren’t ‘most!” Trying on a fantastic outfit […]

Are You Money Blind?

Money Kuel Category Expert: Melissa Ternes Have you ever walked into someone’s home and the dog smell almost knocked you out? You wonder how is it they don’t smell it?? Now, for the record, I’m 1,000% a dog person! And, I know if I don’t keep Phoebe washed, the floors vacuumed, and all of her […]