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Bye Bye Floppy Arms – Risa Lynch

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Kuel Life is happy to deliver Risa’s Fourth Video, in her four-part series, to help us tone and firm up the back’s of our arms.
Watch the First, Second, and Third and put all the movements together to achieve a very effective routine. As we age, we lose muscle tone and our triceps can start to wiggle and jiggle. Spot exercise does increase our lean muscle mass but we also have to consider our food consumption. A healthy balanced diet with proper nutrients, plenty of sleep (six to eight hours), and about half our body weight in ounces of water – daily. (If you weigh 120 pounds; drink 60 ounces of water). All that water will also help us feel fuller and is great for our skin too.
You can follow Risa on Instagram and check-out her website directly at Risa Lynch.

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