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Calling All Caregivers —It’s Time To Travel

Lisa Gates July 2021

Care Giver Kuel Category Expert: Lisa Gates

Covid restrictions continue to lift, and more and more countries are beckoning US travelers back into their countries.

Last quarter, I addressed the need for self-care. After all, you cannot take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself. Now, is the perfect time to seek opportunities to get that much-needed R and R (rest and relaxation). Take the time to reconnect, recharge and energize!

The “10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling”:

  1. Improves Social and Communication Skills
  2. Ensures Peace of Mind
  3. Helps You Get Original and Creative Thoughts
  4. Broadens Your Horizons
  5. Enhances Your Tolerance for Uncertainty
  6. Boosts Confidence
  7. Real-Life Education
  8. Creates Lifetime Memories
  9. Helps You Have Fun
  10. Aids Self Awareness

Studies show that traveling can improve overall health. This is a simple prescription that promotes holistic healing and allows one to take a step back from daily living and experience newly discovered opportunities!

Adventure Awaits:

Did you know that there are ways in which you can travel alone and meet others at a pre-determined destination? This is much more than an agent-planned trip, these are trips that are planned to create an experience that goes beyond just “taking a trip”.  Curated trips that focus on well-being and provide exciting, enjoyable, and comfortable travel for women.

“This is perfect for caregivers who need time to heal, connect, learn, or move through life transition.”

Leslie Ender, Kuel Life’s Travel Expert, is the owner/operator of Street View Adventure where her primary mission is to provide experiences to travelers in specific regions of Austria, Italy, and Germany. The best part is these trips will take you to hidden gems, places that are off the beaten path. Leslie will guide you through the journey as a local because she lives in Austria part-time for seven years and personally experienced Europe. Her groups are small because it allows the intimacy of a personal guide and a customized tour plan.

In addition to small group cultural tours, Street View Adventure offers themed travel tours. Themed tours offer group discussions and sessions related to a certain topic. This is perfect for caregivers who need time to heal, connect, learn, or move through life transition. Checkout Leslie and Kuel Life’s upcoming Tuscany Adventure!

Get Up, Travel, and GO!

Another way to travel is through a new company created in Southwest Florida, called Day Tripper Plus. This platform offers Get Acquainted receptions prior to travel and provides On-Site Ambassadors during the trip. Ambassadors give travelers peace of mind and can assist with journey navigation. Not to mention, the added reassurance that someone is there to assist with emergencies, especially comforting if one is traveling alone.

“Not to mention, the added reassurance that someone is there to assist with emergencies, especially comforting if one is traveling alone.”

Again, the philosophy is about the entire experience. Day Tripper Plus focuses on small to mid-size groups and offers planned itineraries and flexible free time. Planned destinations include chartered trips to nearby places located in Florida and Savannah, GA.

Customized trips can be planned with a minimum of 10 people. In addition, day trips are also offered each month. The targeted audience is the senior market and 55-plus communities. Plans are underway to provide a retreat that will be offered to caregivers or those who recently went through a major life transition.

Another aspect of Day Tripper Plus is that through the nonprofit Metamorphosis III Inc., complimentary trips and deep discounts will be used to gift caregivers and seniors who might not otherwise travel. Through this experience, one can receive the present and presence of travel along with the many memories and relationships it will create along the way.

Discover Live:

If you cannot go in person, the next best thing is virtual travel. Discover Live has been virtually transporting families, friends, and travel lovers to amazing places around the world for fun, adventure, and exploration. This is a great way to go together with a loved one if you are a caregiver and cannot getaway. This is real-time travel with a simple setup. A great gift for both.

So, what is on your bucket list? Tell us through the comment section, maybe one of your wishes will be fulfilled. We are open to suggestions and ideas.

For more information about these companies and what they have to offer, visit them at the following:


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About the Author:

Lisa Gates has worked within the senior living industry for eight years as an Administrator for an adult day health program and served in various sales and marketing capacities with Brookdale Senior Living. She has helped numerous families navigate through their journey as a caregiver, with an emphasis on dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition, she has held numerous sales and consulting roles within the real estate and hospitality industry. She is the co-founder and CEO  of a nonprofit (501-c-3) Metamorphosis-3, which was created in 2019. Its mission is to provide programs for isolated seniors, caregivers, and intergenerational programs. This nonprofit will provide services in all geographic areas.