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Catch These 3 Closet Culprits Hiding In Your Wardrobe

Culprits in your wardrobe

Style Confidence: Elysha Lenkin

If getting dressed feels more like a chore than a joy, I totally get it.

Putting outfits together can be time-consuming! And while you may think it’s a lack of fashion knowledge or creativity that causes the issue, the real culprit is usually the clothes themselves. If your wardrobe isn’t made up of the right pieces for your life and personal style, then getting dressed will never be the stress-free, fun experience it should be.

As a personal stylist, I’ve spent over 10k hours with women and their wardrobes, and I’ve noticed it’s the same closet culprits that keep showing up and making it difficult to get dressed. Even the most carefully curated and organized closet can be affected by these problem pieces!

“I explain what they are, how they’re affecting your wardrobe, and how you can fix the situation.”

If you’re ready to find out whether your closet is held back by any of these culprits, read on. I explain what they are, how they’re affecting your wardrobe, and how you can fix the situation.

Do Any Of These Closet Culprits Sound Familiar?

Closet Culprit #1: The Almost

The ‘Almosts’ are the pieces that look right on the hanger, but feel wrong when you wear them. They might be ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or unflattering. Whatever the issue, they don’t work for you, and you know it the moment you put them on.

One of my styling clients “Almost” was her cream-colored sweater. She loved it, except for one thing — it itched. Even though the sweater fit well, the itching made it impossible to wear.

What’s in your closet that’s ‘Almost’ perfect, but leaves you feeling uncomfortable when you wear it? It could be physical, like the itchy sweater. Or it could be more mental, and make you feel self-conscious like a skirt that hikes up too high.

Closet Culprit #2: The Misfit

Sometimes, the ‘Misfit’ isn’t obvious to recognize in your closet because it’s stunning on it’s own! It’s not until you try to pair it with other pieces that you see how difficult it can be.

It’s like when you’re shopping and a real showstopper catches your eye. Maybe it’s a striking geometrically printed blazer, or a bold floral dress — whatever your preference is, you see the item and have to have it. But once you get it home you quickly realize it won’t mesh with your existing wardrobe. Despite that garment being gorgeous, it doesn’t fit in. You never know HOW to wear it, so you don’t.

Are you drawn to showstoppers that look amazing in the store, but don’t hold up in your real life?

Closet Culprit #3: The Outlier

The ‘Outliers’ don’t match your style and every time you wear them you feel out of place, like you’re pretending to be someone else. It’s not because these items are bad or ugly, they just don’t match your unique sense of style.

Imagine someone who typically has a classic style, and wears a neutral color palette. They love tailored blazers, button-down shirts, and simple jewelry. But then they buy a romantic, ruffled blouse with a floral pattern and a lot of volume. Wearing the ruffled blouse makes them feel like they’re playing dress-up in someone else’s clothes. Even though it’s a beautiful piece, it feels incongruous to who they are.

“The first step to improving your wardrobe is understanding that it all begins with what you buy.”

What’s your style personality and are your clothes aligned with it?

Catching The Culprits:

So, now that you know the culprits, you may be asking how you ended up with so many in your closet. Chances are, you’ve been shopping with your heart, rather than your head which can cause you to ignore the fact that certain pieces don’t meet your standards. And those clothes that don’t meet your standards become closet culprits — pieces that sit unworn and take up space. They can even cause you to feel guilty and stressed when you think about them.

The first step to improving your wardrobe is understanding that it all begins with what you buy. You can turn things around by shopping intentionally! Instead of succumbing to the sales and whatever catches your eye, be thoughtful about your purchases. Choose pieces because they suit your style and fit into your life. And make sure they work with the rest of your clothes!

When you’re deliberate with your shopping, you’ll create a wardrobe that works for you which makes getting dressed easier. But most importantly, when you make thoughtful choices about what you buy, you’ll end up with clothes you love. And when you love your clothes, you’ll feel more confident and ready for whatever the day brings.

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About the Author:

Elysha Lenkin is an expert personal fashion stylist who helps women shop with confidence so they get the right pieces for their wardrobes. Join her free workshop to learn how to shop like pro and find your new style favorites by clicking here: https://elyshalenkin.com/kuelshopping/

Throughout Elysha’s 20 year styling career, she has worked with women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey, and Serena Williams. Today she helps career women become confident curators of their clothing and style. For more style tips and inspiration, head over to Elysha’s website here https://elyshalenkin.com/ or follow her on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/elysha_nyc/