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5 Ways To Nurture Your Sexual Self

Nurture Your Sexual Self

Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone Nature in its perpetual dance of change, provides a fitting metaphor for our evolving sexuality. While society often celebrates the fervor and heat of summer and […]

5 Steps To Reach Full-Spectrum Sexuality

Ania Grimone July 2023 1

Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone The celebrated singer Sade sang “It’s never as good as the first time.” I disagree! For women in midlife, it can indeed get better, richer, and […]

Unveiling The Transformative Benefits Of Self-Pleasure

Ania Grimone May 2023

Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone It is Masturbation May. I dislike the word masturbation as it has so many negative connotations. The root of the word means to hurt oneself with […]

In Menopause? Time To Stop Faking Your Orgasm

Ania Grimone January 2023

Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone The orgasm gap is cultural, not biological. “Many women do not orgasm from penetration alone, yet they feel like they should be able to.” What that […]

The Midlife Woman’s Pleasure Principle

Kuel Life Featured Images October 2022 3 1

Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone For generations, women have been influenced by a sex-negative culture. “Pop culture portrays midlife sex mostly as a joke.” Sex And Culture: Conflicting messages from religions, […]