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The Essential Question You Need To Ask Yourself

essential question

Sexuality Thought Leader: Beth Keil  This isn’t a question we get asked, not even by our midwife, gynecologist, or other health advisor. It’s not one we know to ask ourselves, […]

3 Steps To Understand Your Relationship Blueprint

Understand The Relationship Blueprint

Sexuality Thought Leader: Beth Keil  Women, through the years, have spoken about their intimate relationships, especially at the beginning. They spoke of the passion, sex, and excitement they experienced. Then, […]

The Disappearance Of Good Old-Fashioned Romance


Sexuality Thought Leader: Beth Keil  If you’ve ever seen the romantic comedy, Kate and Leopold, you may have noticed all of the references to food, romance, and intimacy.  What’s food […]

Relationship Models Shift As We Move From Mars To Venus

Beth Keil June 2023

Sexuality Thought Leader: Beth Keil  Something is happening, and it will impact the next 100 years!  It brings with it many changes, especially to our intimate relationships. Astrologically we are […]