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Having The Talk: Ensuring Respect And Understanding Over Outcome

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Elder Care Thought Leader: Cynthia Perthuis In our first two articles, we covered “Assessing the Need for Assisted Living Before Having the Talk” and “Having the Talk: Preparation is Key […]

Having The Talk: Keys To A Successful Conversation About Assisted Living

Cynthia Perthuis Two September 2023 2

Elder Care Thought Leader: Cynthia Perthuis This article is part of a series called “Having The Talk.” Preparing Conversation About Assisted Living: For article one where we discussed making the […]

Assessing The Need For Assisted Living Before Having The Talk

Cynthia Perthuis September 2023 1

Elder Care Thought Leader: Cynthia Perthuis As the years go by, the role of a caregiver to our aging parents can become more complex and challenging. There comes a point […]

3 Tips To Help You Advocate For Yourself As A Caregiver

Cynthia Perthuis May 2023

Elder Care Thought Leader: Cynthia Perthuis Advocating for yourself is hard. Advocate For Yourself: It’s likely you’ve learned to advocate for yourself at different times and in different situations. If […]

Three “R”s For Discussing A Move For Your Parent

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Elder Care Expert: Cynthia Perthuis Are you struggling with the idea of having a difficult discussion with your parent around your concerns for their health? “There are ways to find […]