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Appreciation Versus Gratitude: What’s the difference?

appreciation vs. gratitude

It’s My Time Now: Kavita Ahuja I recently had a session with a client about how she can achieve a state of positivity or alignment, especially during times of stress. […]

How Emotions Can Serve Us During Times Of Upheaval

Kavita Ahuja July 2023 1

It’s My Time Now: Kavita Ahuja As a society, we are often taught to keep our emotions “in check”, or to not display our emotions because they may indicate weakness. […]

Coincidences And The Energy Spectrum: Unveiling The 7 Levels

Kavita Ahuja May 2023 1

It’s My Time Now: Kavita Ahuja Have you ever wondered how uncanny things sometimes happen in your life – which we often refer to as “coincidences”? “If you believe this […]