This practically melted my heart. Had to share.

Heart Melt Down!

Be warned; watching this tops the cute-sweetness chart..... Oh, soooooo worth it.

Ingo & Poldi

I know this is already three years old; but I just saw them this morning and had to share!! Just in case you've been living under rock - with me, here is Tanja Brandt's photos of Ingo the shepherd dog and Poldi...
How cute is this cat with a heart on her chest! I couldn't resist including the 'I love you' in honor of Valentine's Day. Her name is Zoe and she lives in the Netherlands with her mom and sister...
Ok, this makes my heart melt. Isn't this the sweetest picture... Here are a few more pics of the twosome. I now want to get a duck and a dog!
This video is so cute.

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