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Update Your Style For Fall Without A Shopping Haul

Update Your Style

Style Confidence: Elysha Lenkin Isn’t fall the best for fashion? After sweating it out in the heat of summer, I’m so ready for some leather and boots! If you’re thinking […]

Having The Talk: Keys To A Successful Conversation About Assisted Living

conversation with elderly parent

Elder Care Thought Leader: Cynthia Perthuis This article is part of a series called “Having The Talk.” Preparing Conversation About Assisted Living: For article one where we discussed making the […]

Understanding Feelings – What Are We Missing?

understanding feelings

Career Kuel Thought Leader: Gayle Petrillo Time flies by, doesn’t it? Each day ends in a blink of an eye.  Rethinking Yesterday: We often worry about what we said, what […]

I’m My Own Biggest Obstacle


Parent Coach for Moms of Teens: Fern Weis I’m my own biggest obstacle. It’s true. My biggest obstacle is me. Yes, life and the world can throw me off kilter […]

Moving On From The Death Of A Close Friend

moving on

Small Space Fitness: Cat Corchado One of the drawbacks of getting older is losing those that we love – especially friends and family. I recently lost my dearest friend Vanita […]

The End Of Your Marriage, The Hidden Grief

the end of marriage

Divorce and Transitions: Mardi Winder-Adams One of the unexpected issues that many women and men experience after a divorce is the ongoing sense of genuine sadness and loss for the […]

How Do We Support Our Kids In Times Of Health Problems

health problems

Momming Adult Kids: Denise Drinkwalter In the realm of parenting, few things are as heart-wrenching as seeing your children unwell. It’s a pain that’s impossible to ignore, and it raises […]

Steps And Ideas To Find And Create Your Midlife Tribe

midlife tribe

Midlife Myths & Realities: Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D. “Find Your Tribe!” is another one of those hip and catchy phrases that’s become familiar, and yet, for many midlife women, the […]

Vacation Bliss: 3 Essential Tips For An Unforgettable Experience

Unlocking vacation bliss

Food For Your Soul: Dawn McGee Vacations are the perfect time to unwind, explore new places, and create lasting memories. To ensure your getaway is a healthy, fun, and absolutely […]

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals

Fall is around the corner. Many of us are goal-setting as we wrap up the year, working hard to get those final things on the schedule. In the pursuit of our dreams and aspirations, setting and attaining goals is paramount. It provides us with a clear direction, a sense of purpose, and a roadmap towards […]

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