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What Generosity In Action Looks Like

generosity in action

Money Thought Leader: Karen McAllister I have been quiet. My last newsletter was in November, because I’ve been away on a six-week journey in Brazil, deepening my practice in generosity.   […]

Top Lessons Learned From A Nomadic Lifestyle

nomadic lifestyle

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer In May of 2022, I left my lucrative corporate career for an unknown destination. All I knew at that time was that I was going to […]

The Transformative Power of Women’s Travel

women travel

There’s a certain magic that happens when like-minded women travel together, venturing into new corners of the world armed with curiosity and camaraderie. My recent escapade to Buenos Aires with […]

Secrecy and Stacks: The Thrill of a Western Union Transfer

Western Union

If you are looking for a titillating, energizing, pulse-quickening experience, wire yourself hundreds of dollars to a Western Union in Argentina. Sound strange?  Sending money through Western Union has never […]

Ready For Adventures In Midlife? Meet Wendy Deacon

Wendy Deacon Interview November 2023

Wendy Deacon and I crossed paths years ago at the height of the pandemic. Our paths crossed almost daily as we got to know one another on the social media […]

The Simplicity of Leaving Something Behind

Leaving something behind

Simplicity & Connection Thought Leader: Kay Newton On my recent trip to Sweden, part of my walking stick got left behind. Leave Something Behind: It is a long story and […]

Solo-Traveling, My New Endurance Race


Solo-traveling has become my new endurance race.  I’d been on this quasi-solo travel marathon since late September. First, hitting up Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. Some stretches were alone, while others […]

Midlife Women Embracing Nomadic Lifestyle

Jack's Smack 100723

Is there a new wave coming? A wave of women in midlife and beyond ditching their traditional security trappings for a nomadic, adventure-ready lifestyle? Am I seeing the beginnings of an […]

Traveling Is Sexy: Embracing The Allure Of Argentina

Diana Devi October 2023

Healthy Living Thought Leader: Diana Devi Ah, Argentina! A place where the very air pulsates with passion. While many know it as the birthplace of the sultry tango, what struck […]

Breaking Bread and Boundaries: A Solo Traveler’s Tale

Jacks Smack 100123

This last week I spent solo traveling in Stockholm, Sweden. In full transparency, this place never quite made it onto my original travel bucket list. I have always been drawn […]