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A Bicycle Built For Two

Lifestyle Kuel Life Contributor: Kim Friedman Landau “I feel free, soaring with strength in my body and power in my spirit. I feel healthy, in control of my destiny, and in rhythm with nature.” This was my answer when my brother asked me what I love about bicycling. While now an essential part of my […]

Toned In Twenty Thursday – The Push-Up

10 sec Hold, Hold, Hold!. Need to fire up your push-ups but not ready to go to a full push up? Try doing 6 pushups then dropping halfway and holding for 10 secs. After your hold – GO STRAIGHT DOWN – then push back up and do another 6 pushups. This’ll get those arm and […]

Toned in 20 Thursday – Sit Back For That Squat

Sit Your Butt Back! A simple but super effective cue for yourself when you squat is: “Imagine you’re about to sit back onto the loo”. Yes it may sound a bit ‘wrong’ BUT if you cue yourself with this – you’ll always get the action right! Training Tip: Look diagonally down at the ground as […]

Stand Up and Move – To Experience A Longer Healthier Happier Life

Healthy Aging Kuel Category Expert: Deb Gutierrez Did you know sitting is dubbed a disease? “The body was designed to walk, run, lift heavy stuff, throw, and move in a variety of ways.” A few sitting truths: Six hours a day of sitting makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than those […]

Toned in 20 Thursday – Muscle Mass

You can change YOUR body at ANY age! Losing muscle mass after 50 is not a given. Kuel Life’s Fitness Expert, Elaine Reynolds gives us three ways in which we can grow, keep, or get back our muscle mass. What should we do? Lift heavier weights, do light weights with small isometric movements, and body […]

Toned in 20 Thursday – Single Leg Plank Finished

Want to challenge your ABs and upper body strength that little bit more? Try the single leg walk out plank. HOW TO DO IT? Start with your feet hip width apart. Move your right foot in, to the mid-line of your body and place it there. Breathe in and see-saw forward from the hips – […]

Toned in 20 Thursday: The Crab Walk With Elaine Reynolds

Looking for a way to strengthen your glutes and your legs? This week Kuel Life’s Master Trainer, Elaine Reynolds shows us an easy and fun way to work on these areas. The only thing that would make it better? If we got to practice this in Bali with Elaine. Get your Toned in 20 Program […]

Toned in 20 Thursday: Protein For Breakfast With Elaine Reynolds

Feeling a need to lean up quickly after the holiday indulgence? Why not try protein and healthy fats for breakfast? join Kuel Life Master Trainer, Elaine Reynolds in today’s Toned in 20 to learn how to tweak your eating to encourage your body to work for you! Get your Toned in 20 Program directly to […]

Toned in 20 Thursday: The Quad Stretch With Elaine Reynolds

Your quadricep muscle covers the front and sides of the thigh. Its primary function is to help with knee mobility. Stretching increases your flexibility and range of motion; improves circulation; reduces your risk of injury and stiffness, and boosts your ability to perform during various exercises. If you want to learn how to better stretch […]

Toned in 20 Thursday: The Reverse Lunge with Elaine Reynolds

While the reverse lunge may seem simple, it is essential to get the form right. Incorrect form can cause knee problems. This week, Kuel Life Master Trainer Elaine Reynolds shows us how to execute the reverse lunge. It’s this week’s Toned in 20. Just because Elaine lives in Bali does not mean you miss out. […]