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How You Can Improve Your Diet For Better Health And Wellness

Improve Your Diet For Better Health And Wellness

Modern life can be busy and confusing, and in the rush of daily work and play you may not always have the time to think carefully about your health. While many experts recommend exercise, on its own it may not always be enough to boost your energy and immune system. In a previous article, we […]

5 Ways To Add-In & Swap To Make Healthy Eating Easy

up your nourishment

Holistic Healing Kuel Category Expert: Carol Lee One of my ‘bug-bears’ is that healthy eating has been made over complicated. I believe you can actually make it really simple if you focus on adding in or swapping ingredients. The following are my 5 easy ways to change your diet and up your nourishment. 1. Swap […]

3 Game-Changing Facts You Need To Know Before Giving Up Sugar

Holistic Healing Kuel Category Expert: Carol Lee The sugar-free approach to eating and health has become quite ‘in vogue’ as people discover that it is sugar, rather than fat, that is the true enemy of vibrant good health. In my work as a Nutritional Therapist, I have known this for many years. But, after decades […]

Foods That Age Us From The Inside Out

Healthy Aging Kuel Category Expert: Deb Gutierrez When did choosing the “right” foods become so complicated?  The Health and Wellness Industry confuses a majority of people. What is most important is Bio-individuality – finding and knowing what works best for YOU. What works great for me may not work well for my sister, friend, mother, or […]

To Breakfast, Or Not To Breakfast?

I grew up in a time where the adage “Breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day.” was commonly thrown about. Today, there is much debate about that first meal of the day. Some continue touting the benefits of eating first thing: “Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day. It […]

10 Best Super Foods For Women Over 50

Let’s face it, time changes everything. Approaching 50 and after, we realize that our wardrobe tastes maybe different, our hairstyle, and for some of us – our music. What is also changing is our metabolism. The gradual decline starts shortly after 30 and can be somewhat imperceptible … until it isn’t. A Drop In My […]

Facts About Matcha

facts about matcha

I recently discovered matcha tea. A friend of mine swears by it – telling me that she’s been drinking it for years and figured out – with some degree of certainty, that her consumption of the ancient green brew is directly linked to improvements in what was once a ‘super messed-up shoulder’. At 54 I […]

An Easy Way To Manage Your Weight

Kuel Life is excited to share Elaine’s, CoreStrength50Plus, great advice on how to easily manage our weight. Instead of breaking our fast (and, if you are doing intermittent fasting that may range between 14 to 16 hours) with a simple carbohydrate (bread/cereal); break it with protein and a healthy fat. We may even want to dive into last […]

Health Coach, Liza Baker – SOLE To SOUL

Kuel Life’s Health Coach, Liza Baker, is all about SOLE (Seasonal, Organic, Local, Ethical) food. Her mantra of eating whole foods – those that are just like nature made them – is key to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. If the concept of whole foods is new to you or you’re just not sure – […]

Roasted Kale & Cauliflower Salad

Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind: 100 Simple Sattvic Recipes This cookbook by Kate O’Donnell, photographed by Cara Brostrom, has some incredible recipes for us Kuel Women. Kate showcases recipes that help us eat so that we may increase our energy, balance emotions, and generate an overall state of calm and relaxation. In Ayurvedic medicine there […]