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Jacks Smack 05222022

Welcome to Kuel Life events

& Our Second Act Sisters Clubhouse Schedule

Our Kuel Life Thought Leaders are always offering something of value to our Community.

Why not showcase them here, in one place, so you can be IN THE KNOW about all the wonderful opportunities? From workshops to masterminds to must-hear podcasts, you will find it here.

Don’t forget to join our ClubHOUSE, Second Act Sisters. This is the chat-only app our Kuel Life Thought Leaders utilize to bring the HOT TOPICS directly to you. Check out the line-up of rooms for the week, and download them to your phone or laptop so you don’t miss out.


Join Our Second Act Sisters Clubhouse!

Every week women gather to discuss ALL the topics in midlife & beyond. From menopause to fitness to fashion to mindfulness and more. Click here to join and get in on all the tea.

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