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Conjuring Optimism Amidst Uncertainty

Julie Reinwald March 2021 new

Purposeful Living Kuel Category Expert: Julie Reinwald

I am no stranger to challenging, and even dark, circumstances. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have reached, and to be moving through midlife, it’s likely we have faced our share of disappointments, obstacles, and for some, even tragedy.

It can be discouraging to know that no matter how many battle scars we’ve acquired or invisible badges of courage we’ve earned, we aren’t protected from experiencing potential hardships on the journey ahead. Conjuring optimism amidst all this uncertainty is an incredible skill to possess.

The Human Condition:

“What we focus on, grows”

By simply being born into humanity, we are automatically placed into a precarious environment. Living and loving are risky. Our ability to rise above challenges and look for the silver linings is part temperament, part training, and part tenacity.

The subconscious mind is so incredibly powerful. What we focus on, grows. If we want to feed a problem, all we need do is to keep thinking about and visualizing it. Eventually we may even catastrophize it with the predominance of our own fearful thoughts. But when we understand that the one thing we invariably have control over is our outlook, life becomes not only more manageable, but we see it as a limitless playground!

Learn From Our Children:

“they are experts at living in the moment”

Just as children may fall down, scrape their knees and elbows, and get their hands dirty, these disruptions pale in comparison to the adventures being created during playtime. Young children rarely look too far into the future. Unless of course, they are anticipating an exciting event like a birthday party or a trip to Disneyworld. We can always learn so much from the pure wisdom of children. They are experts at living in the moment, knowing it’s the only moment that really matters. This combination of being present in the now and looking to the future with hopeful expectation is the recipe for sustained contentment and peace.

So, what about managing those potential formidable events and circumstances that lurk in our minds, you ask? Consider the breadth of all your life experiences. Hopefully the good, and even the mundane, have far outweighed the bad. While pain is an undeniable part of life, it doesn’t have to be the prevailing condition. In fact, the more pain you have endured, the more you have proved to yourself just how strong and resilient you are! No matter what lies ahead, you will face it one day and one moment at a time until you have conquered it. Just as you have done before.

More Optimism And Purpose:

Using our energy to fret about negative possibilities for the future is not only futile, but it robs us of the all-too-precious time we have left to live, love, and give. Let’s focus on everything amazing that is possible instead! The more optimism and purpose we put forth into the world, the more we will receive in return. It’s a snowball effect of our own making. We always have the ability to believe that the best is yet to come and to do everything in our power to make it so. We can conjure up optimism amidst uncertainty – and that feels good.

“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Julie Reinwald

About the Author:

Julie Reinwald is the author of Design a Magical Life, Leave a Meaningful Legacy. Her early career as an interior designer still influences her style and her brand. But a huge pivot took place on her trajectory when a close family member descended into a years-long abyss of mental health issues, alcohol abuse, and attempts to take their own life. For Julie, the subsequent years would be an all-consuming progression from paralyzing fear and guilt, to acceptance, to healing, to letting go, and finally, to joy. She uses her experiences as a way to inspire and empower others in designing lives of courage, vitality, and adventure, and creating meaningful legacies of hope and love. Join her on the journey on Instagram.

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