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Frequently Asked Questions

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Orders $49 or greater enjoy FREE SHIPPING. The fee for shipping is $7 for any order of lesser value. Kuel Life is home to unique, in many cases ‘one’ woman endeavors, where the items are handcrafted and/or custom made. Shipping fees are difficult to absorb for these smaller, purposeful brands.

All major credit cards are accepted by Kuel Life. We run our processing through STRIPE so all of your information is encrypted and protected.

Delivery times vary. If you’ve selected a custom-made item, well of course a little patience is required as your chosen artisan must create it for you. If the item is already in stock, it is typically shipped within one to two days from the day the order is placed.

Shopping on Kuel Life is safe. Our platform is hosted and protected by professionals. Kuel Life is AD FREE so your preferences and activity stays right where it belongs… HERE… in our Kuel Life Community.

Once you’ve placed an order, your chosen Kuel Chief will receive an email with your chosen item and shipping address. She will then get busy, either creating your custom-made piece or packaging and shipping your goodie. You will get an email confirmation with your order too!

Of course! We’re not savages…