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Do You Believe In Second Chances?

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A few years back, I embarked on a Marie Kondo-like house-cleaning spree within my relationships. Have you ever experienced the urge to spring-clean your friends and family?

It’s a tricky question, isn’t it? Are we even allowed to do such a thing? For most of my life, I believed I had to indefinitely hold on to every significant or long-term relationship. But life has its own way of teaching us valuable lessons.

The Relationship Declutter:

Their behavior acted as a catalyst, triggering a revelation – a last-straw type thing.”

During my relationship decluttering phase, I made the difficult decision to let go of four important, long-term connections. Interestingly, this purge occurred shortly after launching Kuel Life. Not long after starting my new venture, I realized that close friends and family don’t always translate into business supporters or fans. I am not alone. This realization has been shared by many entrepreneurial women I’ve connected with over the past five years.

At first, I took it personally. As a rookie in the solopreneur world, I failed to fully grasp the solitary nature of this journey. But did I sever those ties out of pettiness or insecurity? Did their dismissal or disapproval of my new path wound me to the point of running away? No, that wasn’t the case. Their behavior acted as a catalyst, triggering a revelation – a last-straw type thing.

A State Of Neediness:

Back then, I was in a state of heightened neediness. I yearned for acceptance, encouragement, and assistance, and their inability to meet those needs served as a wake-up call. It forced me to reassess the dynamics of our relationships and determine if they were truly beneficial and healthy for my personal growth. Sadly, it was painstakingly obvious that my putting up with their ongoing poor treatment needed to come to an end.

Spring cleaning our relationships is a challenging task. It demands introspection, honesty, and sometimes making tough choices. So, taking a page from Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering physical spaces, I applied similar principles to my connections. I evaluated the joy, positivity, and support that each relationship brought to my life.

Life’s Unexpected Twists:

Cleaning the slate of a relationship makes room for forgiveness and redemption.”

However, here’s the twist. There’s always a twist, isn’t there? What happens if one of those released individuals pops back up years later and shows genuine remorse and offers an apology? Do we grant a second chance? In order to do so, believing that people can grow and change is a requirement. I know personally how much I have grown and changed over the years. Cleaning the slate of a relationship makes room for forgiveness and redemption.

Unexpectedly, years past the relationship spring cleaning, there came a moment of reckoning. Someone from my past, someone I had distanced myself from due to the negative impact they had on me, reached out with a sincere apology. She acknowledged her past mistakes, took accountability for her actions, and expressed a genuine desire to rebuild our connection.

At that moment, I found myself grappling with conflicting emotions. Was it wise to let her back into my life? Could I truly forgive and move forward? It was a decision I couldn’t take lightly. But ultimately, I chose to embrace the power of second chances.

Second Chances – For Both Of Us:

Turns out that allowing her back into my life has been transformative. It opened me up to better understand my own capacity for growth, empathy, and forgiveness. It reminded me just how fallible we all are — and yet capable of learning from our mistakes. For me, it’s about giving this person the opportunity to rebuild trust and showcase her personal growth. And heck, I look forward to sharing my maturing with her as well.

Extending a second chance opened the door to the possibility of renewed connections and shared experiences. It is an act of faith, an acknowledgment that people can change and that relationships can evolve

Second Chances With Boundaries:

What I learned from this experience, is that it’s okay to re-assess a connection with an open mind and heart.”

Not going to lie, I am still a bit cautious. I am not in a hurry to get back to whatever the relationship was before. As a matter of fact, I want an entirely different type of relationship with this human now. Setting some healthy boundaries and taking it slow to ensure self-preservation is key

So, if you find yourself contemplating a relationship spring cleaning, remember that it’s not just about letting go but also about embracing the power of second chances. What I learned from this experience is that it’s okay to re-assess a connection with an open mind and heart. It’s okay to re-decide – to allow someone who has sincerely apologized and demonstrated growth the opportunity to reenter my life.

And unlike the Marie-Kondo throw-it-away-and-don’t-look-back theory, I believe relationship spring cleaning deserves a second-chance provision. After all, it’s much easier to Amazon-Prime a replacement for that outdated skirt or chipped bowl than a deep-rooted human connection. At least until Bezos figures out how to punch air holes in the cardboard shipping containers.

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