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Everything IS Possible!


Purposeful Living Expert: Julie Reinwald

What do you think is possible for you?

Do you believe that anything is possible? Because that is the truth. In fact, EVERYTHING is possible if we think creatively and powerfully!

We Say To Ourselves:

However, we often find ourselves yielding to thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that limit the possibilities available to us. We say things to ourselves like:

  • “I’m too old and it’s too late…
  • I don’t have enough experience, money, time…
  • It would take too much effort…
  • I haven’t succeeded in the past…
  • It would be selfish…
  • …to do the things I really want to do and that would make me authentically happy.”

We sometimes accept the opinions and preferences of others to whom we have given complete trust about our life choices. Even when it wasn’t in our own best interest.

Maybe we have been influenced by a society that tries to convince us that there’s a time limit to our contributions, our values, and our dreams. Or, maybe we are too focused on the past and the times we believe we fell short or failed. There is also a chance that the people in our circles don’t have mindsets of abundance and possibility. So we have adopted their attitudes without questioning what will really help us evolve into our highest selves.

“Impossibility is nothing more than a thought in your mind, and thoughts can be changed!”

Know What Is Best For Yourself In Everything:

“Impossible is just an opinion.” – Paulo Coelho

Is there a longing deep within your heart that has yet to be realized? You know what is best for yourself better than anyone does. And as long as you are alive, everything is possible! Our beliefs are just decisions we have made in the past with the evidence, we have created over and over to “prove” those beliefs to be true. Impossibility is nothing more than a thought in your mind. And thoughts can be changed!

Break Through Limitations:

We can begin making new decisions from a place of possibility and following through with action to back up our intentions. Every time we prove to ourselves that we can break through limitations, we accumulate more confidence and evidence that our past thoughts were untrue.

Even those dreams and goals that seem inconceivable can be realized if we are flexible and creative in our approach. Harness the immense power of your mind and go after anything and everything that will make your heart full and your life magical!

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About the Author:

Julie Reinwald

Julie Reinwald is the author of Design a Magical Life, Leave a Meaningful Legacy. Her early career as an interior designer still influences her style and her brand. But a huge pivot took place on her trajectory when a close family member descended into a years-long abyss of mental health issues, alcohol abuse, and attempts to take their own life. For Julie, the subsequent years would be an all-consuming progression from paralyzing fear and guilt, to acceptance, to healing, to letting go, and finally, to joy. She uses her experiences as a way to inspire and empower others in designing lives of courage, vitality, and adventure, and creating meaningful legacies of hope and love. Join her on the journey on Instagram.