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Evolve Into Your Greatness

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Purposeful Living Expert: Julie Reinwald

Do you remember who you wanted to be when you were young? Not what, but whom? How close have you come to that vision?

Our younger selves may not have known how we would have to adapt to adult situations. And how those experiences might change our childhood dreams. But those naïve, wide-eyed girls knew their authentic hearts’ desires. And they fearlessly and unapologetically embraced their true gifts and fascinations.

“From my youthful perspective, Florida must have seemed really exotic compared to small-town Nebraska.”

Wanting To Be Famous Writer:

I wanted to be a “famous writer who traveled to Florida.” I was seven or eight years old when I wrote a story about it for a school assignment, accompanied by a drawing of myself in an airplane traveling through the sky. From my youthful perspective, Florida must have seemed really exotic compared to small-town Nebraska.

As I got a little older, I wanted to be a successful career woman, living alone in a large city…basically. I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore on her t.v. show from the 70’s. She was independent, spunky, and successful. Not to mention cute as a button; and she lived and worked in a metropolitan city. It all seemed so glamorous to me!

Chosen Career For Greatness:

None of that came to pass, unfortunately. I took the “safe” path, attended a state university 40 miles from my hometown. Married right after graduation, and chose a career in interior design. Which I thought was right for me at that time (after several years, I discovered it was not the best fit.)

Fast forward about four decades, with a liberal number of lessons learned and personal growth accomplished. I am finally as close to those childhood aspirations as I’ve ever been. While I’m not single or living in a metropolis, I am a writer who travels regularly and loves my life, after many iterations of seeking fulfillment.

“You’ve reached the culmination of every evolution you have undergone and have the choice about how you want to use all of it.”

Greatness Comes With Goals And Potential:

Most of us would agree that life’s experiences either provide invaluable wisdom, or they throw us off course and deter us from reaching our goals and potential.

It can be tempting to simply give in and accept the status quo. Regardless of where you now find yourself or what your age, there are no limits to what you can create, where you can go, and who you can be! Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who is fully realizing those youthful dreams.

I’m Cheering You On!

Or maybe you’re one of the many who benefits from gentle nudges and reminders to make that little girl inside of you proud. Not only is she still an integral part of you, with her pure spiritedness and determination, but you have also gained years’ worth of insight and maturity from which to call upon.

You’ve reached the culmination of every evolution you have undergone and have the choice about how you want to use all of it. This is your time – evolve into your greatness and don’t stop until you have tapped into each gift you possess, every contribution you can make, and every dream that is yet unrealized!

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Julie Reinwald

About the Author:

Julie Reinwald is the author of Design a Magical Life, Leave a Meaningful Legacy. Her early career as an interior designer still influences her style and her brand. But a huge pivot took place on her trajectory when a close family member descended into a years-long abyss of mental health issues, alcohol abuse, and attempts to take their own life. For Julie, the subsequent years would be an all-consuming progression from paralyzing fear and guilt, to acceptance, to healing, to letting go, and finally, to joy. She uses her experiences as a way to inspire and empower others in designing lives of courage, vitality, and adventure, and creating meaningful legacies of hope and love. Join her on the journey on Instagram.

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