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Exploring the Concept of a Perfect Death

Jacks Smack 08132023

It’s with a bittersweet heart that I share a profoundly intimate moment from my life, one that has left me contemplating the idea of a “perfect death.”

Yes, you read that right: a perfect death. A concept that might initially seem paradoxical, but let me take you through the journey I recently experienced and perhaps shed some light on what I mean.

A Graceful Exit:

a subtle yet powerful testament to the connection he held with our family, a final gift of consideration from a loyal companion”

This past Monday marked a day that will forever be etched in my memory. After 16 beautiful years with us, our beloved feline friend Fig made the poignant decision to bid farewell to this mortal realm. The circumstances surrounding his departure have shown me the delicate balance between the inevitable end of life and the grace that can accompany it.

Fig, in his feline wisdom, chose his own unique day to leave us. A day that didn’t coincide with any other significant event or celebration in our lives. It was a subtle yet powerful testament to the connection he held with our family, a final gift of consideration from a loyal companion. 

What’s more astonishing is that Fig selected a day when I was in town — a rare occurrence, given my frequent travels. The stars aligned in such a way that my partner and my son, who had grown up knowing only a life with Fig, were both present as well. A synchronicity that brought us together during Fig’s transition, allowing us to stand united in love and support.

Death Defying Odds:

In a world where the nature of death is often unpredictable, full of tragedy, suddenness, and pain, Fig’s departure defied those odds. He gracefully wove his way through the fabric of our lives, offering companionship, quirky moments, and a unique brand of feline anxiety that endeared him to us. And when the time came for his final journey, he did so with a quiet dignity that left us in awe.

As I reflect on the 24-hour period surrounding Fig’s transition, I’m struck by how time seemed to stretch and weave itself into an intricate tapestry of emotions. The minutes drawn-out, each laden with the weight of his impending departure. But amidst the sadness, there was an undercurrent of gratitude. Gratitude that Fig had chosen to exit while he was still the Fig we knew and loved, before the veil of time and ailment could erode his essence.

This leads me to the heart of the matter: What is a perfect death? It’s not about evading the natural course of life; rather, it’s about embracing the inevitable with grace and dignity. I believe, it’s about seizing the opportunity to bid farewell on one’s terms, surrounded by the ones who hold them dear. It’s the privilege of preserving the memories of our loved ones as they truly were, untainted by the shadows of suffering.

In Fig’s case, his perfect death was marked by the absence of prolonged suffering. He spared us the heart-wrenching days, weeks, or months of watching him fade away, of seeing his vibrant spirit dimmed by the passage of time. Instead, he left us with memories of his quirky antics, his intoxicating purring, and his unspoken understanding of our joys and sorrows.

The Ideal Exit Strategy:

In the end, as much as we might yearn to pencil in our ideal exit strategy, life remains the wily master of ceremonies”

As I navigate the complex emotions that come with loss, I am reminded of the value of life’s fleeting moments. Fig’s perfect death has given me a new perspective on the fragility of existence and the importance of cherishing every day we have with our loved ones, whether human or animal. It’s a reminder to be present in the lives of those around us, to celebrate their uniqueness, and to honor their journey, even as we prepare to bid them farewell.

In the end, as much as we might yearn to pencil in our ideal exit strategy, life remains the wily master of ceremonies, distributing departure days with a generous sprinkle of randomness. While we can’t exactly RSVP for our perfect send-off, I’m left pondering the “Fig Death Day Model” – a subtle reminder that grace, choice, and serendipity can harmonize even in the most profound moments. So here’s to hoping that when our time comes, we can follow Fig’s lead and exit this world on our own terms, leaving behind a legacy of love, laughter, and the art of embracing life to its fullest. Cheers to the Fig way! 

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